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Ariel Lavi is an Israeli actor, screenwriter, and producer who is rapidly making a name for himself within the world-wide film industry. After getting involved with acting as a young teen, Ariel has quickly furthered his talents and entertainment industry skillset over the years.



He began his career journey by studying acting at The Studio Theatre at Haifa. He also attended the Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute, in addition to studying screenwriting in various universities within the United Kingdom. Ariel continues to 

build his expertise within the film industry as a producer, which is already bringing him great success and recognition world-wide. Ariel has been featured and professionally interviewed by well-known publications such as The Miami Post, and many more!



In pursuit of his dream to create feature films within the USA, Ariel and business partner, Shahar Gaham, created their very own film production company based in L.A. called "Golden Space Entertainment".


"Fearless, humble, winner."

When did you first discover your passion for acting, screenwriting, and producing, Ariel?

A: When I was 15 years-old, I started my acting career in The Studio Theatre at Haifa. I played in many different genres of shows like Shakespeare, Muller, and American plays, for example. I studied acting at Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute, and screenwriting in a few universities within the UK. Now I am producing films in Israel, as well as all over the world.

What three words would you say best describe you, and your vision for your work?

A: Fearless, humble, winner.

I see that you opened up your very own film production company called "Golden Space Entertainment" located in Los Angeles. What was your inspiration to create this organization?

A: I opened “Golden Space Entertainment" with a partner, Shahar Gaham, who is a Director and Video Editor. Our dream is to create films in the US, because it’s been our goal from childhood.

I’d like to hear about the short film you produced called “Race”.. What is a unique detail you can tell us about it, or about making it?

A: This film was unique because we had many problems. Our actress was infected with COVID-19 two days before the filming, and we had other problems too. Despite the difficulties, we were nominated in the ImproAction film festival in Israel, and we plan to submit it to other festivals as well.

Do you have an upcoming film project that you’re working on? Please, tell me about it.

A: I am producing many films, and have done two already in London and NYC. I can’t tell you about them, but I promise you the films will be amazing.

As an actor in addition to your other talents, if you were offered your ideal role for film or television, what would it be?

A: I started as an actor and screenwriter, and am now I’m producer. I can do all of these, and I don’t plan to give up on something. As a producer now though, I have gained more success.

Who are some of the first actors and/or producers that inspired you to pursue working in the film industry?

A: Adam Sandler and Lati Grobman.

You have achieved so much already! What is your next big step in the film industry?

A: I want to produce my first feature film soon.

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