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Careless Odds is an ascending band hailing from Lorton, Virginia. Comprised of three members, the band includes Shan Abbasi (guitar), Haris Abbasi (musician/producer), and Sami Abbasi (drums). The group specializes in Punk and Metal music, and they are rapidly emerging as one of the best contemporary metal bands to keep an eye on!


The band recently released their new album titled, "It's Killing Time..." onto all digital streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, etc. The trio independently wrote, recorded, and produced this 9-track album in the studio they built in Haris's home - and it took nearly four months to record the entire album. "It's Killing Time..." was impressively mixed and mastered by Haris Abbasi within a handful of days, before it was complete.


“We look to outdo ourselves every time we step in the studio together. That’s what I love about what we do." 

- Haris Abbasi

HarisWe’ve always had a burning passion for punk and metal music. The concept of Careless Odds came about years ago when we are just barely teenagers. We didn’t know what was coming, but we knew we wanted to come together and make music at some point. It was just a matter of when.

Shan: It was originally Careless Nowhere, but that made no sense. We thought Careless Odds was a better name because it implies that the odds of having great success or fame don’t matter. What matters is if you give your best effort, and never give up no matter the odds. 

ShanWhat sets us apart is our music. No one will ever be or sound like us! We want to accomplish what no band has ever done. Simply put, we don’t do this to be the second best. 

ShanEverything we did in the studio took numerous attempts to get right. From the near infinite amount of instrument and vocal tracks to finding proper recording equipment. Like many things in life, it rarely works out the first go around. 

Shan: I think "Kracken (Black Dirt Soul)" is a track where we show how big and vast I wanted the band to sound. It’s basically about an underwater being that is so far deep in the ocean that when it gets your soul, it’s trapped in absolute darkness. I wanted listeners to be entranced and get their attention that way, as well as gain some lifelong fans along the way. 


Sami: My favorite song was "Blood Punch" because I was actually the one who created the riff for it. It felt nice working out of my drumming element and experimenting.

ShanMany bands have influenced us. We are forever grateful to all of them. Without them, there is no Careless Odds! The band that we measure everyone up to is Metallica. They are our heroes and the blueprint of the type of band we one day hope to be. 

Haris: Music is an expressive medium that anyone can enjoy, no matter who you are. Everyone is different and we really embrace that concept in our music deeply. 

Haris: It’s a matter of just sitting down with everyone in the studio and picking up an instrument. The music comes first, the lyrics come second. 


Shan: It all starts with a good guitar riff. 

Shan: Bigger and better is always the goal.


Haris: We look to outdo ourselves every time we step in the studio together. That’s what I love about what we do. We definitely have something special planned for 2022. 

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