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Known as the "King of The Miami Jewish Underground Music Scene", King Soloman was born and raised on the southside of Brooklyn, NY. At a very young age, King Soloman found a deep connection for music.


Now residing in Miami, FL, The King introduces us to his creation of a boy who grew up in Brooklyn, showcasing a past of defying the odds and rising up against challenges. King Soloman’s audience can relate to his music in multiple ways, through combining a rhythmic flow with witty lyrics to grab the listeners attention, along with a brand of authenticity.


After releasing his mixtape; NYC 2 MIA, back in September of 2019, The King has been working nonstop with no intention of slowing down. Singles such as “Hands of Time” & “I Need That” have helped contribute to over 500,000 Spotify streams and counting. Visually spectacular music videos are always a must, and when it comes to the music production, it’s top of the line.


His newest music release, "Everything 2020", releases Friday, September 24th.


"I want people to feel like they can do anything after listening to my music."

K: When I was in Junior High School I learned how to play the guitar, but I wasn’t really inspired to continue with it. Then I began learning how to play snare drum and other kinds of percussion instruments for the school concert band, and it was a whole new world. At that point in time, I just enjoyed playing music. Once I got to high-school it started to get more serious because I was involved in more bands, and a lot more was expected of me. At first I wasn’t really any good, but I started to practice more and more and that is when my passion really started to take off! Every day I wanted to learn something new, and I was able to practice non stop which helped me increase my overall skill. Before rapping, my main passion came from playing the drums.

K: My latest single is "Everything 2020" and just like the title hints, my inspiration came from the year 2020. The pandemic really messed everything up, and I found it hard in the beginning to adapt. The world was in chaos and everything was on edge no matter what is was. By the time May came around, I was already numb to all the emotions, current events, and new communication methods but I still needed some closure. At the end of the year, I took a trip to NYC and my longtime friend & producer, Tariq Allen, showed me this beat that he made with another one of my longtime friends, Sal Arena. Once I heard the beat, I knew that this was my closure and I began to talk briefly about my feelings from the past year. After listening to the recording, it was just really relatable and honestly something I’ve never done before. Usually I just get to rapping, but this was pure jazz. "Everything 2020" is a song you can listen to by yourself, in a jazz club, or even in a history lesson in school because it isn’t just me singing the blues... it is me reminiscing about a moment in history that will never be forgotten.

K: I believe music has helped me become more of what I am. My number one thing is to inspire people no matter what age and background you come from. I always say everyone on this planet is a teacher, you just have to decide who you want to listen to. Since I started doing music, I was able to inspire people in ways that I didn’t even realize were possible at all... I began receiving messages from people I never met asking me to explain lyrics, revisiting memories with old pals and having private one-on-one meetings, or even being able to teach a class and leave an impact on a group of kids. All of these events really help me feel more fulfilled with my life’s purpose and music is definitely one of the reasons I’m able to inspire the world and the people around me.

K: I want people to feel like they can do anything after listening to my music. If they need to make money, I want them to listen to my songs while they are hustling, feel the motivation, and let that help them through the process and hopefully make more money because they decided to listen to one of my songs. If they are chilling on the couch thinking about life, I want them to have more conscious thoughts, or better yet, be inspired to try something new, or look at a situation from a different perspective. My goal is to be relatable, because we are all the same individuals at the end of the day. If I can help you with your problems by venting on a track, or if I can help you stop wasting time on fake people, and get you new friends in a time of need, then I’ve done my job. Everyone needs help in different ways and I want them to feel like my music is a safe place to learn.

K: Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Eminem, J Cole, Big L, Nas, Biggie, Wu-Tang, Pete Rock and Cl Smooth.

What is your songwriting process?

K: Honestly it’s always different. I like to adapt to my tracks and create something unique. In the beginning, I used to write lyrics that could be presented on any beat and I still do that to this day. If you ask me for a feature or a freestyle I will always deliver. However, when I make a track now, I give my undivided attention and listen to the sonic waves and let the track tell me what’s being said. Most of the time I hear the beat, write some new lyrics, match them up with some old lyrics and create a song. Other times, we start the beat from scratch, the lyrics from scratch and build everything up together. It’s always a different approach with me and that’s how I keep things fresh. If you want my advice, just do whatever makes you comfortable. You don’t always have to tackle a song the same way. You are allowed to experiment and switch things up during the creative process. Some of the best songs take years to make. On the other hand, sometimes they only take 30 minutes.

what would you say is your favorite song that you've written or recorded to date?

K: "Brighter Side". This will always be my personal favorite. It has such a unique nostalgia and it was also the first song that I ever recorded with the intent of releasing it as a single. It made me really want to give music a try and see where it could take me. I may have other songs that are more catchy, better lyrics, or more energy but "Brighter Side" will always be my favorite.

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