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Noah Bishop is a lyricist/songwriter from Connecticut. Noah started writing in 2019, he enjoys writing lyrics for pop songs, but he has also written in other genres such as R&B and EDM, to name a few. Noah first started his songwriting career by writing "Countdown" for a London-based band named Electric Tuxedo. Noah then released a few singles, "Fall Back Into Us," "Clock Tower, " and "Heart Wants Us Back", under his own Spotify account.


Noah is now focusing on writing and co-writing songs for other up-and-coming artists from all around the world. Most recently, Noah Bishop was the main songwriter for recording artist, Gina Fritz's, newly released song, "Happy In LA". The up-tempo track is contrasted by the introspective lyrics about wanting to feel happy in moment, when life seems to be passing you by. Stream "Happy In LA" now on all digital streaming platforms!


"I want my music to help others process their feelings and overcome all of the tough moments they may be facing."

When did you first discover your passion for music, Noah?

N: I have always loved music since I was a kid. Music has helped me with my thoughts, feelings, anxiety, and stress. I remember when I was 13 and wrote little songs using a music application on our old Windows computer. I would write and then record myself singing the song. Luckily my voice doesn't leave the computer. I am not a singer at all, and at first that was discouraging to me because I thought, “Well there goes my chance of being a part of the music world". It wasn’t until later in life that I learned about lyricists and songwriters! That's when I realized that I can have music in my life, and be a part of it.

What three words would you say best summarize your writing style?

N: Storytelling... my writing style tells a story so that listeners are able to follow the characters and the situations in hopes that the listener can relate. Emotional... I love writing sad songs! I love to take emotions and feelings and bring the visual of that moment forward. Reflective... I enjoy writing a piece where people can use the lyrics and reflect on moments in their own lives.

So tell me about "Happy In LA", which recently released on Spotify.. What was the inspiration for you to write it?

N: I wrote “Happy In LA” at eight o'clock at night. I was scrolling through social media and was seeing how everyone's lives were. As we all do, I was comparing myself to others thinking, “My life isn’t as put together as everyone else's". I felt alone and that I hadn’t found my place yet. All those insecure thoughts and feelings created this piece. I chose to share it all because I felt I couldn’t be the only one who thinks this, so I wanted to let anyone who felt like this too know they're not alone.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves… in what ways has music helped you?

N: Songwriting has helped me process my thoughts. My thinking tends to be all over the place, but when it comes to writing songs, I am able to really analyze and align my thoughts while writing. This is why storytelling is a huge piece of my writing style.

How do you want your music to help other people?

N: I want my music to help others process their feelings and overcome all of the tough moments they may be facing. I hope it allows them to escape the world for a short time and just be happy, sad, confused, or anything they want for three minutes, and allow them to be vulnerable.

What is your favorite song you’ve written or recorded to date?

N: Oh, this one is a tough one! They all are in different ways, but “Fall Back Into Us” is pretty special to me because it was the first time I took a chance putting my personal feelings out to the world. However, the feedback from that song inspired me to share more of my feelings in “Happy In LA"!

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