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Ascending artist, AlaX, releases exciting new single "What You Want"

AlaX is an ascending DJ and producer who is rapidly making a name for himself in the music industry. Known for producing high-energy songs within the EDM genre, AlaX first began his music journey by releasing his work on SoundCloud - which impressively garnered the artist thousands of streams and dedicated new listeners from all around the world. Influenced by dynamic electronic music artists such as Martin Garrix, Tiesto, and W&W, AlaX has truly honed his own unique style and captivating stage presence over the years which his followers love him for.

When asked about his musical influences AlaX states, "They have been influential in my sounds because that is why I try to improve day by day - to be as influential as them and reach the level where they are. It's complicated and I know it, but I don't lose faith, that one day I will be able to be where they are and that my music will be heard throughout the world as I would love it to be."

At only 21 years-old, AlaX has numerous released tracks to his name including, "Going Away", "Feeling Alright", "Universe", "I Don't Belong Here - Extended Mix", and "F#cking Team" - proving him to not only be incredibly prolific as a songwriter and producer, but that he also has what it takes to attain musical success. His single titled, "Tokyo", released in 2019, recieved over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify alone, and was AlaX's first significant leap within his music career. Since then he has not slowed down, and this year AlaX has released two addictive singles; "Like This", and his newest track titled, "What You Want", onto all digital streaming platforms.

Released August 5th, "What You Want" is AlaX's newest track and it truly showcases the artist's ever-evolving skills and versatility as a producer. This high-intensity tune features lush electronic soundscapes, shining female vocals, and driving rhythms you won't be able to stop dancing your heart out to. Follow AlaX on his social media platforms to stay updated on his future music news and releases!

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My interpretation of being an artist is being a music producer and being a DJ, they are the two most outstanding things and the ones I love the most." - AlaX

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