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Alex Ladouceur is Orlando's next up-and-coming street & event photographer

Alex Ladouceur is a professional street and event photographer based in Orlando, Florida. In only four years, Alex has honed his skills and is already proving himself to be one of the most talented event photographers in his region. With an impressive and incredibly diverse portfolio to his name, Alex Ladouceur is a master behind the lens and a natural at capturing vivid shots - in his own unique style. What at first started as a hobby, photography has become Alex's passion and obsession - and has allowed this talented creative to not only overcome his social anxieties, but express himself better through his work.

In May 2022, he will be attending and shooting around Megacon - so be sure to follow Alex Ladouceur on his social media platforms to see his upcoming photographs from this event!

For more information about booking and to view his portfolio, visit Alex Ladouceur's website here:


Hello, Alex! When did you first discover your passion for photography?

Alex: When I moved to Orlando about five years ago, I started picking up some different hobbies. I enjoyed going to shows and events and I wanted to showcase to other people of what I was doing. So I saved on Christmas and bought a camera, from that moment on, it has changed everything for me.

You have quite an impressive portfolio on your website! Tell me, what is one of your favorite events that you’ve attended and photographed for thus far?

Alex: I’ve really enjoyed shooting at the Hard Rock Café here in Orlando, Florida. All access to the VIP rooms as well as getting there first step into learning event photography.

What inspires you the most about the work that you do?

Alex: I just like to go out and shoot no matter what, any quick ideas and anything on-the-go. I don’t really like to hard plan my shots, so I always try to keep everything natural and not too modified!

What is the best way for potential clients to contact you regarding hiring you to shoot?

Alex: My Instagram is my best, but you can also reach me at my website!

In your opinion, what is the biggest thing that separates your photography from others in your industry?

Alex: I make a selective edits I give people the options to choose about 2-3 edits per photo. I always enjoy making a lot of edits, so I always have a hard time choosing what I like the most, so I give the clients the choice.




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