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Anastasia (a.k.a Stasiavuu) announces her return to music with upcoming new single

Anastasia, also known as Stasiavuu on Instagram, is truly making a name for herself not only as an influencer, but also as a multi-dimensional recording artist. Her passion for music began at a young age, and since childhood, she has truly honed her own unique sound, style, and stage presence which her listeners from around the world love her for. As a songwriter, Anastasia is quickly proving her skills as a talented lyricist through her innate ability to communicate her thoughts and feelings into words that strike the hearts of all who listen. After the release of her 2021 debut single titled, "Up In Smoke", Anastasia took a temporary break from music to focus on touring the world with her team, and expanding her reach as an ascending influencer. With over 110,000 followers to her name on Instagram, it is clear that Anastasia possesses an impressive talent for connecting with people on a global level.

To the excitement of her fanbase, Anastasia has recently returned to the recording studio and has announced her next upcoming, and highly-awaited, new single which is scheduled for release this summer. Thrilled to be returning to music, Anastasia has begun to collaborate with musicians, producers, videographers, and writers, which will result in some pretty amazing new content. Follow Anastasia on her social media platforms to stay tuned on future music releases and upcoming news!

Listen to Anastasia's music now on Spotify:

Listen to Anastasia's single "Up In Smoke" on YouTube:

Listen to Anastasia's music now on Spotify:




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