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Ascending artist, 3CHO, announces upcoming debut album "Ashes"

From the vibrant energy of San Diego’s music scene echoes a symphony of emotion and sound that is 3CHO. A beacon of artistic inspiration in the limitless expanse of electronic music, 3CHO harmonizes Future Bass and Melodic House into a symphony of sound that sweeps over you like the soothing Pacific tide — it's inviting, immersive, and indelibly moving.

The landscape of electronic music was forever changed in June 2022, when 3CHO unveiled his debut track 'Help Myself'. This auditory masterpiece, resplendent with soulful intensity, propelled him into the mainstream spotlight, amassing an incredible 250,000+ streams within its initial four months. This triumph marked the first harmonious notes in the melody of 3CHO's extraordinary journey in the realm of electronic music.

Within a single year, 3CHO has accumulated a staggering 3 million streams, validating that his music is not a fleeting whisper, but a resonant symphony, growing more profound and captivating with each note. His heartfelt compositions have captured the attention of industry giants, gracing esteemed platforms like The Music Essentials and EDM House Network, and reverberating across international radio airwaves, thus solidifying his global acclaim.

3CHO's sound, a distinctive blend of trap, emotive future bass, and progressive house, sets him apart in the electronic music sphere. His compositions are a dialogue between the high-energy rhythms of trap, the heartfelt melodies of future bass, and the uplifting cadence of progressive house. It's this signature style that creates an intoxicating journey, a dance of rhythm and emotion that transcends traditional genre boundaries.

As he delicately etches the final notes of 'Ashes' of 2024, his debut album, the music industry awaits with anticipation. This upcoming anthology, akin to a Phoenix emerging in its radiant glory, is set to herald a new era for this emotive maestro.

In his relentless pursuit to shape the landscape, 3CHO has carved another monumental accomplishment by founding his own record label, Eons Away. With a keen eye for burgeoning talent and a passionate commitment to the Melodic Bass scene, he is fostering a new generation of musicians, cultivating a creative refuge where artists can truly be themselves.

Within the vast symphony of electronic music, 3CHO emerges as an artist of profound depth, weaving not just melodies but stirring emotional experiences. His music doesn't merely reach the ears; it touches hearts and souls, painting a vivid picture of this extraordinary talent. Listen closely, for 3CHO is orchestrating a symphony of enduring resonance that promises to shape the very soul of electronic music.

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