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Ascending artist, Andrew V. Sanchez releases debut single "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Andrew V. Sanchez is a talented singer-songwriter and recording artist based in Texas. A music-lover from a young age, Andrew has honed his skills and songwriting abilities over the years to create his very own unique and recognizable sound. Most recently, Andrew V. Sanchez released his debut single titled, "If Tomorrow Never Comes" onto all digital streaming platforms and has already received an impressively positive reception from listeners all around the world!

Listen to his latest single "If Tomorrow Never Comes" now on Spotify!

"It is a song that inspires you to stop putting off your dreams and goals and just go for it." - Andrew V. Sanchez


Hello, Andrew! Thank you for joining us today. When did you first discover your passion for music?

Andrew: I’m a 3rd generation musician. My father is a musician and both of my parents supported my love for music as best as their budget allowed. But around the age of 8 years old, my dad had brought home a drum set. It wasn’t the best drum set but it was my drum set. My dad taught me simple rhythmic patterns, but after that I would stay in the garage for hours teaching myself. I loved sports, but I knew pretty quickly music was where I excelled. Soon after, my parents began buying me more instruments, and I picked up every instrument they bought me from guitars, to bass, to keyboards.

What three words would you say best summarize your music as a whole?

Andrew: Story-telling, Relative, multi-layered. I’m very particular when it comes to the writing and production of my music. I feel like lyrics are what speaks to my audience but the music is what moves them. Both should compliment each other. While not every song is about me, every song is an extension of me. When writing, I try to avoid writing one dimensional or linear because it limits the amount of different people in different scenarios that can relate to the song. In a perfect musical utopia, one song could speak to one person and their respective situation in one way while it speaks to another person in an entirely different situation another way. Good writing gets the message across while still allowing the audience to resonate with the song interpersonally.

Tell me about your latest music release titled, “If Tomorrow Never Comes”.. what was the inspiration behind it?

Andrew: I’ve been working on a full album for over a year now. The musical purest and perfectionist in me, kept pushing the release date back because I wanted to keep refining the songs. At the end of 2021 though, I felt like I needed to release at least one song to set the bar for the music to follow. I reviewed all my music and New Year’s Day 2022 felt like a perfect day to do that - it is a song that inspires you to stop putting off your dreams and goals and just go for it.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped you?

Andrew: Well, I guess now is a better time than any - I had a very ugly bout with anxiety and depression in 2020. I hadn’t really publicized it, in part, because I’ve never been the type to share vulnerable moments but mostly because by sharing it with my audience meant admitting that I was somehow broken or dysfunctional. Anxiety was something I had struggled with for a while but didn’t recognize. Then out of nowhere, in early 2021, like the FBI conducting a raid, depression kicked the door down to my emotional health demanding my peace. No formal introduction, no explanation, no formalities, just a thief holding my happiness hostage without negation. For all intents and purposes, my life could be described as the quintessential American dream; at least outwardly. Internally my soul yearned for peace and my mind longed for joy. What did music do for me you ask? Elvis once said, “That thing too dangerous to say.. SING IT!”. That’s what music became to me. The things I was too afraid to say.. I was going to sing it!

How do you want your music to help other people?

Andrew: I’ve been told by so many people that my first single resonated with them and their own personal issues. That’s when I know my music has transcended mere entertainment and that makes me happy.

What would you say is your songwriting process?

Andrew: My songwriting process is very bizarre. It all starts with a concept which can be triggered by a line in a movie, a conversation in passing, or an experience; anything really. If I feel it’s a strong enough concept to build an entire song around, I start writing. Then I let a small focus group, which I call friends and family, tear it apart - because it’s just as much their song as it is mine.

Who are the first musical artists that inspired you?

Andrew: This is not only going to sound cliché but familiar. My grandfather passed while my dad was an early teen but long before I ever met him. My grandfather was a very accomplished musician. Ok, let me just stop here, no this isn’t the plot to Disney’s “Coco”, it’s my real life. Anyway, my grandmother or aunts and uncles don’t talk about him much. It’d be remise of me to pretend like I didn’t inherit his talents. There were big shoes to fill, so big in fact that for nearly two decades I let it intimidate me. What if I don’t make it? What if I’m not good enough? Now on the heel of my last single and the brink of my next release, it’s safe to say, I’ve gotten over that fear.

What is your favorite song you've written or recorded to date?

Andrew: I could no sooner choose a favorite child, mostly because they’ll read this article. All jokes aside, I always feel like my absolute favorite song is the “next” song. The one I haven’t written yet, the story I haven’t told yet, the art I haven’t created. I just don’t think I’ve written my magnum opus - YET!

What is the next "big thing" the world can expect from you?

Andrew: Not to sound anti-climactic or anything, but I don’t think the world should expect “the next big thing” from me, that’s kind of a tall order. Instead, I’m inviting anyone who cares to join me on a journey. A very humble, vulnerable, unedited, unfiltered journey through music. Who knows, maybe we find peace together, maybe we find healing, maybe we share laughs or tears, all-in-all, listening to my music shouldn’t create an expectation for the next greatest thing from me, I hope it inspires you to expect the next greatest thing from YOU!

Where will you be performing next?

Andrew: For at least the near future, I’d like to stay mysterious. There’s a beauty in anonymity, I’d like to think of myself as the Banksy of music. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll do a live show but for now, I’ll stay the masked musical vigilante.



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