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Ascending artist, Cess, announces her dynamic new song, "My baby hears me when I cry"

Cess, formally known as Arab Honey, is an ascending artist residing in South Bay, California. An experienced artist in the underground music scene, Cess is embracing her new identity by creating raw and melodic music to resonate distress and chaos. For instance, her first song under her new artist name is titled, "Without Static", which is available on all digital streaming platforms. Cess's dynamic and multi-dimensional music is a kaleidoscopic mix of folk, electronic experimental, and trip-hop tracks - a truly unique sound that is aiding to cement Cess as one of California's most unique and diverse emerging artists.

Adding to her already expansive music repertoire on Spotify, Cess has just released her newest track, "My baby hears me when I cry", in addition to its adjoining music video on YouTube. Keep an eye out for updates on her upcoming EP set to release this summer by following Cess her social media platforms! Merch, artwork, and DIY apparel by Cess is also available here:

Watch Cess's new music video for "My baby hears me when I cry" on YouTube:

Listen to Cess's music now on Spotify:



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