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Ascending artist, DJ G-String, announces her new EP titled, "In the Mirror"

DJ G-String is a rapidly ascending music artist, songwriter, producer, and DJ based in Chicago, Illinois. A music lover from a young age, she first began to explore the dynamic world of music production at the age of fourteen. At eighteen years-old, she bought her first turntable and began to spin house parties, weddings, and even school functions. After years of honing her craft, she became a resident DJ at several nightclubs, and she has performed alongside some of the most notable DJ's within the United States.

Adding to her quickly growing list of achievements, DJ-String's music has garnered over 1 million streams on Spotify, from both dedicated and new listeners all around the world. This multi-dimensional artist is known for her ability to create an atmosphere where the music feels alive, and ever-evolving - a talent that keeps the crowd engaged and always begging for more.

Most recently, she has released her new EP titled, "In the Mirror" onto all digital streaming platforms. Follow DJ G-String on her social media platforms to stay updated on news and future music releases!

Listen to her new EP "In the Mirror" out now on SoundCloud:

"I love the freedom of being able to be myself. I think being an artist means being unique and my sound doesn't always conform to the music." - DJ G-String


Hello, DJ G-String! Thank you for joining us today. I’d love to know, when did you first discover your passion for music?

DJ: I loved music since I was super young. My parents both listened to music all the time and I think creating music really hit me in my 20's.

I’m curious, how did you come up with your unique artist name?

DJ: Ha, funny story. I wore a lot of G-strings in high school and sometimes you could see them from behind depending on what I was doing - who knows really. Anyway, a good friend of mine always called me G-string. So, when I started DJing I used that name - so the name was born.

What three words would you say best summarize your music as a whole?

DJ: Emotional, Passionate, Storytelling.

What is your interpretation of being an artist? What does it mean to you?

DJ: I love the freedom of being able to be myself. I think being an artist means being unique and my sound doesn't always conform to the music. I do enjoy when my fans or when I gain new fans that they like my music. I am a huge factor of remaining grounded and down to earth regardless of how small or known I become in this industry.

You have some really great songs on Spotify! I’d like to know, do you have a favorite song that you’ve released thus far?

DJ: I do. "Always" is one of my ultimate favorite tracks and ironically, I am leading with that one on the "In the Mirror" EP. It was a track that changed how I wrote music. It was super late at night at 11 PM I started just closing my eyes and writing the keys for it and worked on it until 4 AM and the entire track was done. It was the first time I wrote a song that quickly and felt it was perfect to me.

Tell me about your recent new EP titled, “In the Mirror”.. what is something very special about it?

DJ: The EP’s title “In the Mirror” is a kind of symbolic. I gave it that title because it reflects who I am and how I am trying to build this ecosystem of dance music. "In the Mirror" is looking back on the positive things in my music successes and just saying to yourself look in the mirror this is you. You did this even if it isn’t as large as other artists, there is no comparing yourself to others. You know we are all so different and unique that you should always appreciate that. You just have to stop, look in the mirror, and remember who you are, what you love, and remember you are original. Never let anyone change that about you, always be you, always fight for you.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped you?

DJ: I think music has impacted my life through relating with other artists in their journey. I make my music lyrically driven and my songs are about events in my life.

Who would you say is your number one musical influence?

DJ: Kaskade - love his music.

In your opinion, what separates you from other artists in your genre?

DJ: I am a vocal house artist, but I think my style is a bit different as I paint a journey with my music instead of chopping vocals so much and sampling.

What is the next “big thing” the world can expect from you?

DJ: I have a packed release schedule again for 2022 with cover songs, a few originals.

View the Official Cover Art for "In the Mirror":

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