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Ascending artist, LJak, is reviving poetry in modern music through his thought-provoking lyrics

LJak is an ascending poet, musician, and recording artist who is rapidly making a name for himself in the music industry. His prolific and introspective words focus on educating listeners about the need to love oneself. His dynamic music touches on his own personal struggles as a philosopher, artist, and as a human being. The lyrics in his songs are thought-provoking and intentional, as they are intended to place his listeners into a better mental and emotional place after digesting the words he says.

Most recently, LJak has released his latest single titled "The Joker" onto all digital streaming platforms. Follow him on his social media platforms to stay updated on upcoming music releases, news, and future performances.

Listen to LJak's music on Spotify:

"I see being an artist as being able to inspire by how you illustrate your definition of reality." - LJak


Hello, LJak! Thank you for joining us today. I’d love to know, when did you first discover your passion for music?

LJak: Growing up, hearing 2pac’s "Keep Your Head Up" on the radio - this turned some sort of switch on. The poetry, the flow, the elegance behind what was said, I just fell in love with the art. Some years later I would begin to write poetry, and then from poetry I would arrange those words in a way to create verses of songs, and then entire songs. My first experience hearing "Keep Your Head" up on the radio had somehow planted a seed that would start develop sometime thereafter.

What is your interpretation of being an artist? What does it mean to you?

LJak: I see being an artist as being able to inspire by how you illustrate your definition of reality. It is because of this meaningful aspect of being an artist that I do see it as being meaningful to our human and spiritual growth and development. To be able to express how life has impacted you, and in a way that inspires other minds to do the same, and in their own way, this is something that means a lot to how we not only love our self, but how we show and encourage love within others.

Tell me about your most recent music release titled "The Joker".. what was the inspiration behind writing it?

LJak: My books touch on the philosophy behind religious theology, and on how to transcend that paradigm to discover the genuine intellect within our faith and spiritual character. This song is about how “experts” within the paradigm of popular religion, when they see a philosophy challenging theological belief, disregard it, or attack it without thought, looking at the individual challenging that belief as a “joker,” much like how the comic character Joker was seen as a “joker” for trying to expose the fraud that Batman is, and for doing something about society’s worshipping of him.

I wrote this song from my experience in the game of publishing and of philosophical debate. ”The game” can make you feel like you are Joker, that you are insane because you see truth where truth is not popularly seen or admitted. The message within this track is that, while society may categorize certain minds as a “joker,” the last laugh will be to the individual willing to risk their self for the sake of future generations.

What is your songwriting process?

LJak: The entire process is emotion, and then creatively channeling that emotion in a rational way. What I feel guides my pen. From what I feel, I simply let the feeling flow out into the form of words, and let the words create the song’s scene. I usually like to write music to understand what is going on within me, and so to begin with emotion, this is the foundation of my songwriting process.

What is the next “big thing” the world can expect from you?

LJak: I may drop a few singles here and there, but my second debut album is soon to arrive. The first album actually got more ears than I expected, but this second album, it will be legendary.

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