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Ascending artist, Nanao, releases her highly-anticipated debut single, "TSUMUGI-BITO"

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Nanao is a dynamic ascending music artist, YouTuber, live-streamer, and more. Known most popularly for her "I Tried To Sing It" videos on YouTube, she has impressively accumulated over 20,000 dedicated subscribers on her channel. Her video titled, "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack" in her "I Tried To Sing It" series has reached over 310,000 views world-wide. Nanao is a multi-talented singer who is experienced in a vast array of genres, and is also skilled at playing piano and guitar. In 2018, Nanao won the runner-up prize at an audition that produced a currently famous anime song singer.

In February 2022, she joined the ALL-UP Diva label as its very first singer. Most recently, Nanao released her debut single titled, "TSUMUGI-BITO", onto all digital streaming platforms and she is not slowing down! Two more singles are scheduled for release including, "TAMAKI" (April 15, 2022) and "ADA-BANA" (June 23, 2022).

Listen to Nanao's music now on Spotify:

"'TSUMUGI-BITO' is a song that expresses a strong determination to live, no matter how many difficulties lie ahead." - Nanao


Hello, Nanao! I'd love to know, when did you first discover your passion for music?

Nanao: In fact, there was no real reason for me to have a passion for music. My parents have been involved in music since I was young, so I grew up in an environment where I was surrounded by music from before I can remember. Therefore, music has always been a part of my life as a matter of course. In addition, when I was in my late teens, I started taking vocal training, which led me to take music more seriously.

What three words would you say best summarize you/your music?

Nanao: Powerful, passionate, multi-singer.

Tell me about your debut music release, "TSUMUGI-BITO".. what was the inspiration behind it?

Nanao: "TSUMUGI-BITO" is a song that expresses a strong determination to live, no matter how many difficulties lie ahead. I sang this song with a strong determination to live, no matter how difficult or sad it may be. I try to assume a persona from the lyrics and put my emotions into it as I sing.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped you?

Nanao: I am the type of person who easily gets caught up in my feelings, but when I listen to music at such times, I am able to change my mind easily. I used to try to go to sleep right away to avoid thinking as much as possible, but music is much more effective. I wish I had realized that sooner. LOL!

What is the next "big thing" the world can expect from you?

Nanao: In addition to YouTube and live streaming, which I have been doing for a long time, I would like to do a wider range of activities. I can't tell you exactly what I want to do at the moment, but I would like to post more interesting videos, both visually and in terms of planning.

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