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Music producer, Auracane, announces upcoming EP set for release this August

Auracane is an experienced songwriter, producer, and artist who is rapidly making a name for himself in the music industry. Influenced by notable artists such as J Dilla, Flying Lotus, and Nosaj Thing, Auracane's music explores a diverse range of genres including contemporary hip-hop, trip-hop, and lo-fi music - and his unique production style is nothing less than multi-dimensional and addictively immersive. With numerous released songs to his name including, "Aftershock", "Remember When", "Battlecry", "Zaldo", and "Costly Silence", Auracane is proving himself not only to be incredibly prolific, but also undeniably skilled at capturing the attention of listeners from all around the world.

Most recently, to the excitement of his fanbase, Auracane has announced his upcoming EP titled, "Faded", which is available for Pre-Save now and is scheduled for release August 5th, 2022! This highly-awaited collection of new tracks will feature some of the artist's best work yet. Follow Auracane on his social media platforms to stay tuned on future music releases and upcoming news.

Listen to Auracane's music now on Spotify:

Listen to Auracane's music now on SoundCloud:

Listen to Auracane's music now on Spotify:



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