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Australian artist, Luna Sterling, announces upcoming new single "Rivers Don't Run to the Sea"

Luna Sterling is an ascending singer, songwriter, and recording artist who is rapidly making a name for herself in the music industry. An Australian artist, Luna is known for writing addictively dreamy, emotional, and poetic music, which has impressively garnered tens of thousands of streams from both dedicated and new listeners hailing from all around the world. With three released singles on Spotify including, "Burning Down", "Like Me Like You", and "Black and Blue", this multi-dimensional and talented artist is proving she not only has incredible songwriting chops, but that she also has what it takes to attain music success.

Most recently, to the excitement of her fanbase, Luna Sterling has announced her upcoming new single titled, "Rivers Don't Run to the Sea" which will be releasing soon onto all digital streaming platforms. Coming in October 2022, this new song will showcase some of Luna's finest lyricism and songwriting yet, fusing both her eccentric, and unexpected music style with polished audio production. Follow Luna Sterling on her social media platforms to stay updated on her future music news and releases! Listen to Luna's music now on Spotify:

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