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Caprae Anthropomorpha Infernarum is pushing societal boundaries through her avant-garde music

Caprae Anthropomorpha Infernarum is an avant-garde music composer, songwriter, and producer based in Texas. This dynamic artist spends a great deal of time making music and listening to the music of others, which has helped her hone her craft over the years. She took an interest in creating her art from a very early age, and first started producing with software such as Mario Paint Composer, GarageBand, Minecraft, Undertale, for instance. Due to her unique repertoire of experiences, Caprae Anthropomorpha Infernarum shaped herself into the diverse artist she is today by learning the rules... and breaking them.

As an artist, she is "recognized" by her fans by wearing a goat mask or editing a goat head over her face - in order to conceal her appearance. This is done to avoid harassments, keep her private and personal lives separate, and to avoid other related issues. Caprae Anthropomorpha Infernarum says the cornerstone of her identity is that she produces horror/psychedelic themed pieces - so you won't often hear her sticking to the typical melodic patterns and melodies one hears in traditional music. Adding to her unique, and mutli-dimensional style of music composition, her songs are filled with dissonance and syncopation to add an air of unsettling and ethereal moods to her pieces. Every week, she releases at least one single, if not more. Adding to her already impressive list of released music, she will soon be putting out a Breakcore track, rage beats, jazz, Undercore, speedcore, and even a drum and bass track.

Most recently, her new concept album titled, "High Bitch" is in production, which will feature songs based around a central theme of getting high and the aftermath thereof. Another upcoming release titled, "Prison of Thorns", will also be within the concept genre. Lastly, Caprae Anthropomorpha Infernarum has plans to collaborate with other artists to create another more vocal-oriented album that will adapt her chaotic, and boundary-pushing style into a new direction she hasn't explored much before.

Listen to Caprae Anthropomorpha Infernarum's music now on Bandcamp:

"Being an artist is about making people feel something." - Caprae Anthropomorpha Infernarum


Hello, Caprae Anthropomorpha Infernarum! Thank you for joining us today. I’d love to know, when did you first discover your passion for music?

C: I first discovered I had a passion for music around the middle of last year. Before then, it was just a passing interest; but now, it burns with a lot of aspiration and it’s something I can see as a full-time job.

You have such an artistic name! How did you come up with it?

C: I first came up with it when I was considering the name “Luna Dreemurr” but as it turned out, that name was already taken… so I just said, “Screw it. A goat from the underworld ain’t really that different from a boss monster, depending on how you look at it.”

What three words would you say best summarize your musical style?

C: Chaotic. Evocative. Abstract.

Tell me about your most recent music release titled, "Art Room".. what’s something unique about it?

C: My most recent single release “Art Room” was originally set to be a vocal release; unfortunately, my vocalist pulled out at the last minute, so I just decided to make it an instrumental piece. Also, the album “Coarse Jazz 4 The Criminally Insane” was created over the course of 30+ sleepless hours, entirely on my mobile phone.

Wow! That's really interesting. So, what initially drew you to an avant-garde style of music?

C: My history with playing osu! and Taiko No Tatsujin. At first, I was just like, “I want harder rhythms”, but then over time, it developed into, “This genre is freaking awesome, I wanna make it now.". So the white rabbit led me into Breakcore, and then from there it just kept getting more and more fringe, until I’m at where I am now.

I see that you conceal your identity, which is both creative and mysterious.. why have you chosen to do so?

C: A 3-way split between Artistic Expression, Making a statement on personal choice, and protecting myself from stalking during my off time. Plus, I kind of like having a mask on like that, makes me feel like I’m a Phantom Thief putting up calling cards when I’m hanging up my flyers!

What is your interpretation of being an artist? What does it mean to you?

C: Being an artist is about making people feel something. Art is defined as a work that makes you feel emotion; so at the end of the day, whether someone loves or hates my album, I at least made them feel SOMETHING, and they didn’t immediately forget about my work as soon as the next song came on.

You have some great songs on released! I’d like to know, do you have a favorite song that you’ve released thus far?

C: I’m afraid it’s a draw between "Relaxation Time", "Floral Psychosis", "Kool Catz Club", and "Break Room". Those are in the top percentage of songs I show my friends, when they ask about my works. Though I will be honest, I don’t recommend listening to "Floral Psychosis" unless you have headphones with good bass, otherwise it’ll just sound like nothing but noise. Found that out the hard way when I played it on my smart TV and woke up the neighbors.

In your opinion, what sets your music apart the most from other artists out there?

C: I think the main thing setting me apart from other artists, is the fact that I am not only multifaceted, but have also completely distanced myself from the pop scene. I see several artists in my local area who say they’re “avant-garde,” but what they play isn’t really pushing societal boundaries anymore, or breaking new ground; so it’s certainly not avant-garde by definition.

With me, not only do you get new ground with instruments, filters, arrangements, etc, but you also get lyrics about stuff like scat, cannibalism, mutilation, heroin, purgatory, and nightmarish Deliriant trips, which, needless to say, are certainly “avant-garde” even by today’s standards. In short, it’s a combination of me experimenting with the experimental further than most, amazing dedication to my fans, and being truly no-holds-barred when it comes to lyrics, without it just being edge for the sake of edge.

What is the next “big thing” the world can expect from you?

C: A collaborative punk/rock/terrorcore album that I will be in primarily charge of composing and songwriting for. Just been working out some kinks behind the curtain, with stuff like production equipment and royalties. Otherwise, I’ve got at least 24 verses and backing tracks just lying around, so expect a wild ride and a fun time: especially if, like myself, you also have a lot of morbid curiosity: fascination and can appreciate dark humor/horror.

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Listen to Caprae Anthropomorpha Infernarum's music on Bandcamp:



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