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Cavane releases debut single "MPM" onto all digital streaming platforms

Cavane is an ascending independent band comprised of three members - Alexis Soubran (lead-vocalist), Irving Soubran (guitarist), and Alejandro Escarcega (bassist). This multi-dimensional music trio first formed in 2012, when the two brothers, and their childhood friend, Alejandro, decided to fuse together their combined passion for the nostalgic sounds and styles of 80's and 90's music. Specializing in dream-pop, alternative music, and indie rock, they draw influence from notable artists Zoé, Steven Wilson, and Gustavo Cerati, to name a few. Cavane artistically weaves emotionality and nostalgic textures into their kaleidoscopic productions, creating music that is undoubtedly garnering the attention from both dedicated and new listeners from all around the world.

Most recently, the trio have released their first single titled, "MPM" onto all digital streaming platforms, in addition to its accompanying dreamy music video - which is available now on YouTube. Coming this summer, the band announced their next single, "Solares", as well as a new album in August. Follow Cavane on their social media platforms to stay updated on news and their exciting future music releases!

Listen to "MPM" now on Spotify:

"Music is the reason why we’re alive and why we love being alive" - Alexis Soubran


Hello, Alexis! Thank you very much for joining us, and for representing Cavane today in this interview. First things first - I’m curious, what was the inspiration for your band’s name?

Alexis: We are fans of marveling at life, the universe and of course our planet. We named the band Cavane because it is the transformation of Cabán (which means Earth in Mayan). A name that I found in a very nice novel called "The Eye of the Gods". We chose to alter it so that more people in the world could pronounce it easily. Although we have gone through so many stages and names - our first names were so ridiculous, you know because it was a project between friends. For example, our second name was "the onions", right after "No one follows us", luckily we reconsidered.

In your opinion, what separates Cavane the most from other bands in your genre?

Alexis: We are that band that can be on a party playlist while another musician thinks, "What interesting changes!". I think instrumentation and uncertainty. We're constantly told that despite having familiar sounds and nostalgic textures, you don't know where the next beat will take you. What separates us is precise, that we venture to tell stories also through music and not just lyrics. We're not afraid to use an electronic beat with semitone guitar and some direct TV recording.

You guys are quite the powerhouse trio! I’d like to know a little more about how Cavane first got started - could you tell me some more about that?

Alexis: It all started with a sincere friendship, a radio that turned on by itself, and CD's by The Cure, Zoé, Dire Straits, Def Leppard, Cerati, and more artists. Although we could also say that it started with Rock Band and Guitar Hero, ha. Storytime!

Irving and I are brothers, but we've known Alex since we were born (he's the oldest in the band). One day my head exploded thanks to a Dire Straits concert, watching Mark Knopfler playing "Sultans Of Swing", I found that this was my life and that there was music in my soul and in my fingers. 2012 - I decided to buy a cheap guitar and learn to play self-taught. Suddenly my brother Irving became interested in the instrument and began to generate interesting notes until we managed to buy another guitar for him. He also have a lot of interest in electronic music, which has given us interesting ideas on vocals and sequences.

One fine day while we were playing "Rock of Ages", Alex, who is an incredible music lover,

came into the apartment already with a bass in his hand. He played a record and we started

playing covers, music by The Killers, and rock in Spanish. I could say that a lot of the influence of independent bands in our music has been thanks to Alex. Until reaching this point where we cannot see ourselves without doing what we love while having fun, albeit with a lot of ambition and big plans.

What three words would you say best describe your band’s music as a whole?

Alexis: Immersive. Energetic. Inspiring.

Tell me about Cavane’s most recent single titled, "MPM".. what is something very special about it?

Alexis: The most special thing is what you can feel when listening to it! It also may be the story of how we made it (wonderful people involved). Is our return to the scene, the music was written while I was in a relationship and the lyrics when it was all over. It is a track that talks about reconciliation with oneself after a heartbreak. The changes in the song represent each stage of the duel, going through the melancholy at the beginning and a dreamy riff that provokes to continue loving the impossible; an emotional bridge with atmospheric keyboards and natural sounds to rediscover strength and the rhythmic acceleration that moving forward represents. Another special thing is that thanks to this single we met you, thanks for having us!

What is your songwriting process as a band like?

Alexis: I hope we don't have to go through any more breakups for this process. Actually, first we make the music. It sounds like a cliché but it seems that music chooses us and takes us where we have to find it. It is as if we were an instrument of life to create songs. Regularly the music is made by the three of us with an initial idea from someone but the lyrics are complemented between Alex and me. After finishing several pieces we decide which one to follow and revise it several times until we think it sounds good (we get amused and frustrated along the way).

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped the three of you?

Alexis: Music is the reason why we’re alive and why we love being alive, in addition to being a catharsis we hope that our music touches someone else's soul as other artists have done with us. It has also helped us understand our heads and give a special meaning to each situation, that is, every day there is a new melody in our head and every moment is a possible song in progress. You know, I don't know who writes our lives, but at least they put a good soundtrack on it.

How do you want your band’s music to help or affect other people?

Alexis: Personally, I want people to feel accompanied in their emotions, like that friend who helps you get the best out of you and accepts the worst, because that's who you are. If our music helps you scream and break stuff, go for it, if it helps you feel like you're in a movie on a road trip, great! The important thing is that it drives you and inspires you to love life, the planet, the universe, friends and love yourself as you are. To know that it's worth just listening and being in the present.

What other notable bands would you say influence your band’s sound and style the most?

Alexis: The war on drugs, Zoé, Steven Wilson, Gustavo Cerati.

What is the next “big thing” the world can expect from Cavane?

Alexis: We are about to release another single next month and our ten track album in August ad two music videos. We hope that to have a good tour and to get a cold beer for all the work haha. Thank you very much for having us!

Watch Cavane's videos on YouTube:

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