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Ascending producer, Ced Omre, announces the release of new single titled "Lied To Me"

Ced Omre is an emerging EDM producer, who is not only making waves in within electronic music genres, but he is also supporting other up-and-coming artists with the production of their own music. The founder of his own music company called SWAE MUSIC, the artists that he works and collaborates with are incredibly unique and diverse, just like Ced Omre himself. First beginning his musical career as a rapper, Ced has transitioned over time to becoming a dynamic, and highly-skilled EDM producer - and he is the first artist under SWAE MUSIC to make music within the genre.

Most recently, Ced Omre has released his latest single titled, "Lied To Me", which is out now on all digital streaming platforms. He has also released an accompanying eye-catching lyric video for the song on his YouTube channel, which will draw every listener deeper into the heart and soul of the track. Follow Ced Omre on his social media platforms to stay tuned about his upcoming music releases, news, and future performances!

Listen to "Lied To Me" now on Spotify:

Watch the official lyric video for "Lied To Me" now on YouTube:




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