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Costa Rican artist, Rj Chambers, makes emotional music from the heart, for the heart

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Roshawn Jones Chambers known as Rj Chambers, is a Costa Rican artist, singer-songwriter, composer and co-producer, as well as actor and ex-model. A talented vocalist, he writes and sings in both English and Spanish. His self-titled album "Rj Chambers" released in 2020, showcases five passionate tracks including "Solos Tu Y Yo", "Your Style", "Los Latinos", "Passion", and "In The Party (Mi Like It)". Each song features creative lyricism set to smoothly produced instrumentals, showing that Rj Chambers is a guy who makes music from the heart, for the heart.

Rj Chambers stretches his wings even farther to successfully blend a more contemporary Latino feel to his new material without ever sacrificing the emotion within the music. He isn’t just another cookie-cutter reggaeton artist; he seems savvier, smoother and clearer of his creative vision and potential.

Most recently, Rj Chambers released his latest single, “Mysterious" onto all digital streaming platforms! This cleverly produced track has already received tens of thousands of streams on Spotify alone, and has impressed old and new followers world-wide.

Listen to "Mysterious" now on Spotify:

View the Official Animated Video for "Mysterious" on YouTube here:



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