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EGO World Music aims to unite the world through the power of music

Triple 7, also known as T7, created EGO World Music, with an aim to raise awareness about equality, social diversity both ethnic and cultural, sexual, with music the common thread. EGO World Music is more than a social and humanitarian project, it is a life purpose to improve the world.

On September 21st, in celebration of the International Day of Peace, EGO World Music released the powerful world-uniting single titled, "HUMANITY". This impactful track is the result of numerous recordings T7 compiled over the course of 10 years, and the song was composed and produced during the war conflict between Israel and Palestine which occurred in May, 2021.

The lyrics of "Humanity" contain famous phrases from some of the most relevant thinkers throughout history such as Cicero, Beethoven, Marie Curie, Calderon de la Barca, Voltaire, Nietzche or Henry Ward Beecher, and others. It took four months to record the song and produce it with a single message: "May that which unites us be stronger than that which separates us".

Now EGO World Music presents the Christmas versions of "Humanity" in English and Spanish, with a beautiful video clip to accompany them. The "social chorus" at the end of the song is sung by 32 singers from 32 countries around the world, empowering new generations to pursue Peace and Unity.

Some of the Guest Artists on "Humanity" include:

Victoria Zhong (China) Sharel C. Noronha (United Arab Emirates) Chris Bakes (New Zealand) Richard Lidberg (Sweden) Addttrctv (Indonesia) Asad Khan (Afghanistan) Fee (Hong Kong) Wafir Shaikheldin (Sudan) Sunni Muslim (Palestine) Gali Sadeh (Israel) Lil Baek (South Korea) Jordi Armisen (Spain) Tim Stephenson (United States) Arman Virdi (India) Hernán Romero (Argentina), and many more!

Listen to "Humanity" now on Spotify!


"EGO World Music is much more than music it is a life purpose of making the world a better place." - T7


When did you first discover your passion for music, T7?

T7: I was never interested in music, in fact I was repelled by it, until Christmas of 1991 when I was a kid, and I heard the song "Sadeness" by ENIGMA on the radio, where they mixed Gregorian chants over modern music, for me it was like an awakening... I bought that saying seven times.

What three words would you say best summarize your music?

T7: Mind, Heart, and Spirit. Hence, this is why I sign as "Triple" (T7).

Please tell me about your latest single titled "Humanity", what was the inspiration for you to write it?

T7: EGO is my vital project that I have been developing for 10 years recording in different parts of the world, India, Brazil, Chile, Africa, Germany, etc... in the first two weeks of the confinement in Spain due to the coronavirus pandemic that occurred in March 2020, I said to myself "OK, now there is only EGO, write the lyrics" and in 15 days I wrote the whole project. Only the lyrics though, because for me, the most important thing in the project are the messages.

It was not till after the war conflict between Israel and Palestine in May this year, that I decided to create "HUMANITY" by rewriting the song! For a moment, it was going to be very sad, I saw the news and tears came to my eyes, I couldn't understand that these things are still happening today (and I still don't understand it)... I understood that the message had to be maximum positivity and bring out the best in ourselves!

That's why the song is very optimistic and invites you to dance. I used the famous phrases of some of the most relevant thinkers in history to remind the world, what others already saw... that we are one!

What is something very special about “Humanity” that makes it particularly unique, in your opinion?

T7: Any song that a musician or an artist creates is unique, if it is really made with any of the above mentioned blueprints. "HUMANITY" is not only that - EGO World Music has had the honor to collaborate with more than 70 artists from over 40 artists for a message of peace and love to the world! We have set a milestone!

I am very grateful to all the artists who have collaborated selflessly, especially Gali Sadeh from Israel, the main voice of the song, and the adult choir ("La Caramba") in Spain, apart from the rest of the singers and artists. I am very grateful from my heart!

When was EGO World Music first founded and why?

T7: That is something personal, and nobody has asked me so far. More than 10 years ago, a family member of mine got cancer... since I was very young, I didn't go to church, and I started going to mass almost every day. Coming back from a mass in the news they said that there had been an attack by a religious fanatic who blew himself up in a Christian church in Egypt.

At that moment, I thought "but if all religions, monotheist or not, converge in the same message: love, forgiveness, compassion..." and initially I only wanted to make the project where all religions coexisted in the same album mixing them together... with time, I brought more reality to the ground and I understood that it was better to open it and unite the human being from 7 planes (the number 7 is very present in the project): psychology, beliefs or religions, science, philosophy, history, music and languages.

It was my commitment to God to do this project for my father.

Who are some of the first music artists that influenced you?

T7: Without a doubt Enigma, Enya, Mikel Oldfield, Era... etc., when I was older I listened to music from all times. I love electronic music, symphonic music, I love BSO's, and I love Hans Zimmer. I would love to collaborate with him someday!

Many artists say that their art helps them heal past injuries.. how has creating world-unifying music helped you?

T7: We all have a purpose in life, until I have started to materialize EGO World Music, I haven't felt that my time really "counted"... I feel that I am where I need to be, aligned with who I am and what I feel.

Who first inspired you, or what initially motivated you to pursue your mission?

T7: God. If you believe that "there is something" if you believe in "the energies", we are talking about the same thing although each one calls it in a different way.

What is something unique you can tell me about the new Christmas covers of “Humanity”?

T7: Everything on EGO is very careful and has a lot of love, music, production, videoclips, booklet, web, etc... the covers are also very important! In the case of the Christmas covers they are an elegant style and take us to that Christmas touch.

What would you say is the next “big thing” the world can expect from you and EGO World Music as a whole?

T7: EGO World Music is much more than music it is a life purpose of making the world a better place. So there are equally big and important projects to come... God willing. In a while, I will tell you about them!



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