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Film producer, Ariel Lavi, is creating an unforgettable legacy in the entertainment industry

Ariel Lavi is an Israeli screenwriter and film producer who is creating an unforgettable legacy within the entertainment industry. With numerous films, shorts, and features to his name, it is undeniably clear that Ariel Lavi is not only incredibly prolific, but that he also has what it takes for world-wide success and recognition. Ariel Lavi collaborates with the best of the best actors and filmmakers in the game, and his polished industry skillset and eye for creativity shines through all of the work he releases. Most recently, two films he produced titled, "Dangerous Silence" and "Metanoia" qualified for the Festigious Film Festival semi finals in Los Angeles - and both works have already received incredible attention and hype in just a short amount of time.

"Metanoia", produced by Lavi, stars Jessica Decote, Laura Di Luca, and Carlos Hendrick, and impressively won the highest number of audience votes in the final of Lift Off Filmmaker Film Festival of Pinewood Studios. In addition, "Dangerous Silence", also qualified for the final of One Reeler Short Film Competition in Los Angeles. These achievements only further solidify the quality and talent behind Ariel Lavi's work, and entertainment industry fans eagerly await his next big hit!

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