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Fusion Fest 2022, will be a colorful celebration of the arts, music, and more!

On March 19th, The Melting Pot Music Society will be hosting one of the most vibrant and diverse festivals the South has to offer - Fusion Fest/Femme Takeover 2022!

Happening from 2:00 PM-8:00 PM within the colorful streets of Spartanburg, South Carolina, this one-of-a-kind event is a celebration of the enormous creativity and contributions of women. This dynamic festival will showcase many of the impactful ways that so many phenomenal women have influenced arts culture and their communities as a whole.

Fusion Fest 2022 will be an all-inclusive event, and will feature some of the most impressive female creatives, musicians, and business owners that this region has to offer. The music line-up they have selected include dynamite performers and bands such as: Full Effect Band, Abby K, Michaela Faye, Rhea Deléo, Jamie Wright Band, and Sorry, Peach.

Fusion Fest/Femme Takeover 2022, will be the ultimate embodiment of such togetherness as we welcome everyone to witness this celebration of music, art, culture, health, wellness, food, and positive energy!

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