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Hip-hop artist, Kev Fly, announces new summer single "Find Out"

Kev Fly is an experienced songwriter and recording artist hailing from Zurich, Switzerland. With numerous released songs to his name including, "..But You Playing", "Electrical", "Nice To Have", "Cold Game", and "442 - Remix", it is clear that Kev Fly is solidifying himself to be the next up-and-coming artist you definitely need to keep an eye on.

Most recently, Kev Fly has announced his recent music release titled, "Find Out", onto all digital streaming platforms. This fresh and dynamic new single is a collaboration with White Gloves Art, and California-based recording artist and rapper, Rayven Justice, who adds his own sharp vocals and creative lyrics to the song - and the musical synergy between the artists in "Find Out" is nothing less than addicting.

Rayven Justice states, "What fascinates me most about the music industry is that you get to experience a lot of new things and connect with different people. One of the best moments is when you get a chance to collaborate on a song with one of your favorite artists that you have followed for a long time."

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