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Hip-hop artist, NRBarz, tells creative stories through his music

Ricardo Neeley, also know by his artist name, NRBarz, is a Caribbean born hip-hop artist equipped with a passion to deliver a message through the medium of music. For NRBARZ, tapping inspiration from the happenings around his environment and the world at large remains a major and typical creative process. He strives to tell a relatable story with his music; however, these stories are not limited to the lyrics as he also tells these stories musically with his instrumentals.

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"Music is definitely a therapy and a release both of and for

myself in a creative way." - NRBarz


Hello, NRBarz! I'd love to know, when did you first discover your passion for music?

NRBarz: I fell in love with music at an early age. My household growing up in particular on weekends or holidays my mother would play records and later in the years cassette tapes from her collection ranging from rhythm and blues, soca, calypso, reggae, gospel and even a little country music to add to that as I was exposed to a cross-sectional range of genres also on national and international radio weekly chart programs l was able to be expose to from a youth.

You have so many great songs released on Spotify - w hat is your favorite song you’ve written or recorded to date?

NRBarz: Well thank you I must say that my favorite song recorded to date is “Around The Bend” from my “T.S.I.R.” (The Struggle Is Real) album in which I released a video to it that persons reading this can checkout on my YouTube page now. The writing process and content behind the “Around The Bend” single was simple and didn’t want to overthink it content-wise the theme is that of encouragement. The sonic arrangement and production was handled by Hashuan Adderley who is a frequent collaborator when it comes to music by NRBARZ the track of “Around The Bend” is a mixture of hip-hop infuse with reggae touches rhythm wise.

Who are the first music artists that inspired you and why?

NRBarz: I got into this music after hearing on the general market/Underground side the likes of such hip-hop songs as “Respiration” by a pioneering underground hip-hop group Blackstar feat. Common Sense, it made me want to start to write lyrics and rhyme. Hip-hop artist such as Nas, A Tribe Called Quest & on the Gospel hip hop side groups that you may not be familiar with, such as the Tunnel Rats, Deepspace 5, G.R.I.T.S., S.F.C., Cross Movement, Lightheaded, & the Procussions just to name a few in their respective scenes of influence.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped you?

NRBarz: Music is definitely a therapy and a release both of and for myself in a creative way. I find music to be a stress reliever in getting out what needs to be in an honest but tasteful way that as a creative in the hope that it connects to those listeners who might be going through the same thing triumphs or struggles. Every song may not be for everyone but there is something there for someone is the creative mindset and intent behind my approach as a lyricist in writing to sonic arrangements within that pocket that I find to rhyme on that particular track to contribute to a body of work.

What is the next "big thing" the world can expect from you?

NRBarz: New music, new albums, new videos. Also, be on the lookout for Re-up editions of two music videos, “Call Of Duty”, which is out now on my NRBarz YouTube page that you can checkout and the other music video to be re-introduced is “Rainset” both was originally recorded under my former moniker Barz Noble now it will be under my new moniker NRBarz. Stay tuned and connect for more updates and more music is coming from NRBarz and company. Thank you Ascendant Magazine for having me and to all who are reading this STAY SAFE!

Watch NRBarz's music video for "Call Of Duty" on YouTube now:




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