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Horse Wren has a vision to propel growing artists' careers forward

Horse Wren started his company, Wrenovation Film Studios/Street Fame Films, in 2007 while attending BGSU. One of his projects titled, The Street Fame Project, a film focusing on local music artists, has proven itself by becoming an Indie film phenomenon in the Midwest, and in universities and colleges throughout the country.

Capitalizing on the success of The Street Fame Project, Wren began to focus on radio broadcasting as a way to promote and interview local and major artists alike.

His new music industry documentary 2AMBITIOUS.COM serves to do just that. This 2-million dollar film was entirely funded by Wren himself, and features footage that has been collected over the past eight years. Some notable figures in 2AMBITIOUS.COM include, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, and many more.

Horse Wren is also the owner and founder of Street Famous Marketing Agency, which provides artists with FM radio airplay & interviews to push their music career further.

View Horse's full Artist Interview here:

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