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Irene Michaels releases exciting new House music single, "I Like Rain"

House music artist and singer, Irene Michaels, has just released her most exciting single yet titled, "I Like Rain" onto all digital streaming platforms! This talented Chicago-based artist is rapidly breaking the mold in the music industry, actively pursuing her solo music career at 75 years-young - she is undeniably an inspiration to women all around the world. After the success of her first two singles "Hush Money", "Devil In Disguise", and their accompanying remixes, Irene Michaels is an absolute breath of fresh air within the House music scene. Since her first music releases hit digital streaming platforms in 2022, her tracks have garnered tens of thousands of streams from diverse listeners hailing from all around the globe!

Her newest single "I Like Rain" is sure to receive the same level of popularity, and already it has recieved an immensely positive reception! Showcasing Irene Michaels's addictively unique vocal style, catchy lyrics, and pristine production quality, "I Like Rain", is certain to get people out on the dancefloor! A signed artist to the notable record label, TRAX Records, Irene Michaels is rapidly making waves within the industry and is proving herself to not only be incredibly prolific as a recording artist, but that she also has what it takes for world-wide success. Follow Irene Michaels on her social media platforms to stay tuned on her future music releases and news. Listen to "I Like Rain" by Irene Michaels now on Spotify:

"Never ever give up on your dream. Reach for the stars, it's the journey that is where you really live and not always the completion!"

- Irene Michaels


Hello, Irene! Thank you so much for joining me today for another Ascendant Magazine interview. First things first, congratulations on the release of your newest song “I Like Rain”! Tell me, what is something special about this new song?

Irene: I love the beat and think it is very catchy.. I find myself through-out the day singing and humming it.. and I do like rain.

This is such a great follow-up track to your previous release, “Devil In Disguise”! I’d love to know, what inspires you the most about making House music?

Irene: I love to dance. I was a professional dancer for many years, and when I hear a cool beat, I can't stop moving.. I never get tired of hearing House music.. it will be around forever, not to mention that now Beyonce and others have jumped on the band wagon.

In your opinion, how does “I Like Rain” contrast from your previous music work?

Irene: All my work is different, it's just what inspires me at the time and what influences are around me.. it's a very personal feeling.

What other notable artists would you say influence your sound and style the most?

Irene: All of them.. I watch them, and listen to what is a turn on to me and I just start getting creative.. I think being unique and simply who we are will shine through more than a copycat.

What has your experience been like working with your label, TRAX Records? How did you get started with them?

Irene: I love TRAX, they work hard, they are a very recognized label, and I happen to know the owner Rachael Cain very well. I think she has done an outstanding job withstanding all of the pressures of this business and continues to plow ahead with a new artist like myself.

You’re also working with some world-class song-writers and producers such as Michael A. Levine and Joe Smooth! Tell me, what is your songwriting process together like?

Irene: Very, very exciting.. I am so thrilled working with these talented men.. they make me better, they inspire me, they are pros and they are also fun to work with.

Your music has received an amazing reception from listeners world-wide! Do you see yourself ever possibly releasing an album?

Irene: Absolutely.

I see you have plans to start going on tour! Where is the top place you would love to perform live?

Irene: I guess I would start at the Grand Ol' Opry, and on any stage that accept my music.. I would love to take home some Grammy's one day!

What advice would you give to aspiring artists who aim to get into the music industry like you?

Irene: I would say never ever give up on your dream. Reach for the stars, it's the journey that is where you really live and not always the completion! Only my opinion.

Watch the Official Music Video for "I Like Rain" now on YouTube:

Listen to "I Like Rain" now on Spotify:



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