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Ascending producer, Lance Blunt, reinvents himself and releases new single "Perdóname"

Lance Blunt, formerly known as Gallaso, is an ascending musician, songwriter, and entrepreneur who is rapidly making a name for himself within the music industry. From an early age, Lance has been making music - first developing his musical skills by playing the piano, and then eventually delving into guitar and drums. This versatile artist has played in numerous local bands throughout the years including "Danstra", "Númera", "Eternica", "Enanos" and "La Chinga".

Lance Blunt eventually began to spread his wings as a budding producer, working with Ableton Live on his own original songs, and producing songs for other emerging artists in his city. Since then, he has impressively released four albums under his prior artist name, Gallaso, and is now exploring new sounds and styles of music as Lance Blunt. Most recently, Lance has released a new single titled, "Perdóname", onto all digital streaming platforms. This dynamic new track was produced with the artist's best friend, Daniel Villar, from Matko Audio, and inspired by the artist's relationship with a past ex with whom he had a misunderstanding with.

In addition to being a loving father of his 5-year old son, Lance Blunt is also focusing on other endeavors outside of music. He has not only organized his own English language institute named The Line English, but he is also in the process of setting up his own record label called, EBNX. Follow Lance Blunt on his social media platforms to stay updated on news and upcoming music releases.

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"Being an artist for me means being able to do what you want no matter what. It means to not be stopped by shame or fear and to always try new things." - Lance Blunt


Hello, Lance Blunt! Thank you for joining us today. I’d love to know, when did you first discover your passion for music?

Lance: It's a hard question because I started making music when I was 4 years old. My mom set up some piano lessons for me, and although I wasn't really sure what I was doing, my teacher said I was very talented. I played until I was 8 but then I stopped playing because I was more interested in sports and playing soccer. It was later on at the age of 15 that I discovered rock music, that I started to be interested in artists and music itself. I really liked pop music too, so and it was really easy for me to learn the songs. When I turned 16 I bought my first guitar and I learned by myself, like I already knew piano it was not hard for me. I quickly joined a punk band and my interest kept growing as we started playing shows very quickly and we became popular in the local scene.

You have such a creative artist name! How did you come up with it?

Lance: My artist name literally came to my head. I think it was a message from God. I had tried many other different names including my mother's last name but none of them sounded strong enough. When this name (Lance Blunt) hit me I knew right away that I had to keep it.

What three words would you say best summarize your musical style?

Lance: Diverse, risky and technical.

Tell me about your most recent music release titled “Perdóname“.. What was the inspiration behind writing it?

Lance: This song was inspired by a real situation in my life. This word "Perdóname" means forgive me. It came up because I wanted to express this feeling to my ex girlfriend. We broke up because I was unable to express my feelings to her and I felt like it was my fault. I knew I had to put it in a song but she never forgave me though LOL. It was for the best at the end.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped you?

Lance: Music has helped me in many ways. It has helped me discover myself and to become more confident as a performer and as a human being. I eventually became a teacher so the on stage experience came in real handy for when I needed to face a crowd of students.

What is your songwriting process?

Lance: Throughout the years I have experimented with many songwriting methods and techniques. I first starting writing music, chords and melodies in the guitar. I didn't like writing lyrics. Nowadays I just try to come up with any melodies and words in the spot. I like to improvise and then craft it to find something very unique and original.

What is your interpretation of being an artist? What does it mean to you?

Lance: Being an artist for me means being able to do what you want no matter what. It means to not be stopped by shame or fear and to always try new things. It involves creation, expression and performance. You need to be very confident in order to be an outstanding performer and really being yourself no matter what. Of course you will always be inspired by other artists but a true artist must try to be as original and unique as only he can.

I see that you are also forming your own record label named EBNX, which is impressive! What is something special you can share about this new endeavor?

Lance: I love it because I have discovered my abilities as a producer and an engineer and it enables me to help and collaborate with other artists which is always a great pleasure.

In your opinion, what sets your music apart the most from other artists out there?

Lance: My music is different because I have many styles and I'm not afraid of executing all of them. I have made many different albums in different genres including pop, rock, rap, hip hop, trap, reggaeton, salsa, reggae, punk, metal and rock and roll. My songwriting is different because I try to find the right blend of easy listening elements and commercial sounds with original structures and risky moves in the song itself. For instance, I have tried Free Speech in my album Supremacy and several of my trap songs combine melody and rap but without the need of a chorus or a classic song structure. I have performed in many bands and as a solo artist and throughout the years I believe I have developed a very personal and unique style.

What is the next “big thing” the world can expect from you?

Lance: I don't even know what to expect from me because nowadays I have become so spontaneous that it's really hard even for me to predict my next move... but I something that I haven't done as a solo artist and I would love to do is touring. I don't think I'll be recording new music in a while because I have so much music already recorded that I haven't shown the world. So I would probably be working on my marketing and exposing myself to larger crowds. A world tour would be nice. As a producer, I'm expecting to collaborate in several projects including La Ruta, Rich White, Cali T and Piero BT I wanna support artists from my country to perfect their music style, sound and exposure.

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