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Mandolynne faces her inner demons through her raw, soulful music

Mandolynne is an emerging indie alternative artist based out of Hamilton, Ontario. Since 2017, she has been a part of various musical acts and has played venues such as the Horseshoe Tavern, The Rivoli, and Mississauga's RTC festival.

Her unique, soulful tone floats over instrumentals like a moody wave. Mandolynne has been compared to Metric, Hope Sandoval, and Chelsea Wolfe, but her sound is hers. Her lyrics directly reflect her lived experiences and have enabled her to face many demons, including sexual assaults, a tragic car accident, and a tumultuous upbringing. Mandolynne uses each piece as a way to process these events and has found healing during the process.

Her raw, pointed, and disturbing approach to her music may help others explore such thoughts and shared lived experiences within themselves. Listen to her recently released single "Scream" now, on all digital streaming platforms!

View Mandolynne's full Artist Interview here:

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