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Italian producer, Mario Gisoldi, releases dynamic single "HEY" on all streaming platforms

Mario Gisoldi a rapidly ascending Techno producer and DJ based in south Italy. At an early age, he began sampling personal tunes, in addition to playing songs he heard in various TV commercials on his living room piano by ear. This specific talent triggered his passion for music, later nurtured by attending piano lessons. Mario's teenage years were marked by a considerable fondness for punk rock, and his obsession for the rhythm led him to learn how to play acoustic drums and the drum machine. It was soon after that he began to delve deeper into the world of electronic music by producing backing tracks in the alternative hop-hip genres - eventually beginning to produce his first techno tracks, and booking performances in local night clubs. Mario Gisoldi's experimental style features rock vibes and smooth acid lines, as well as strong and decisive kicks. His profound and persuasive energy conveys a sense of euphoria and adrenaline which can especially be heard in his most recent music release titled, "HEY".

"HEY" is Mario's first music release after signing with Deborah de Luca's major record label "Solamente Records". The song features beautiful lyrics, a dynamic melody, in addition to a driving rhythm that will stand out to every listener. Already, "HEY" has achieved an enormously positive reception from listeners around the world, solidifying Mario Gisoldi as an emerging artist to definitely keep an eye on! Follow Mario on his social media platforms to stay tuned on upcoming music releases and performances.

Listen to Mario's Gisoldi's single, "HEY", now on Spotify:

View the Official Cover art for "HEY":

Listen to "HEY" now on Spotify:




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