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Mike Black announces the release of his new album, "Moral Of The Story"

Mike Black, also known as, They call me Mike Black, is brilliant up-and-coming artist who is passionately delivered his messages to the world through the medium of music. His highly anticipated and long-awaited new album titled, "Moral Of The Story 90" has just been released onto all digital streaming platforms and is already aiding to cement Mike Black as an incredibly diverse artist to keep an eye on!

Listen to his music now on Spotify!

"For me, music is a way of time traveling back into a specific point or era to re-live those moments." - Mike Black


Hello, Mike Black! I'd love to know, when did you first discover your passion for music?

Mike: Growing up, I was grounded a lot. Basic bad kid stuff.. but it was being grounded and finding ways to entertain myself that I fell in love with lyricism and word play. Soon after that, creating music through poetry and writing came into play.

What three words would you say best summarize you and your music?

Mike: Empowering. Distinct. Original.

Tell me about your latest album release, "Moral Of The Story 90".. what was the inspiration for you to write it?

Mike: "Moral Of The Story 90" stems from a life of growing up as an athlete in the hood. I often find myself and few of my friends listening to it for encouragement on the court and just trying to break into their elements as artists or athletes. It stems from hearing moms tell me to make something of myself, and me trying to do just that but having the harsh realities of poverty kick in and needing to find motivation to leave the nest and not build it. Going to school and getting an education was great, and I'm thankful for it, but avoiding the life circumstances and unfortunate situations to do so was crucial to finding the success that I’ve found. Some people asked me about my story, well here’s a good sized portion for everyone to hear.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped you?

Mike: For me, music is a way of time traveling back into a specific point or era to re-live those moments. It’s a way of grasping more understanding about my character, my upbringing, my surroundings, etc. I think I’ve learned more about myself through writing my music than anything because of the amount of thought I put into my sound and lyricism. “It has to be me”, I’d always say. It has to look like, sound like & be me. It takes a constant self inventory check to write how I write and sometimes, you don’t want to relive those memories you keep stored inside, but I have to - to continue my style.

How do you want your music to help other people?

Mike: I want to motivate, inspire, and encourage everyone to just do better, go harder, stay in the fight a little longer. I want people to succeed and not run from opportunity or trials or be intimidated by anyone whose been doing it for however long simply because you started later. I’ve already had one song that allowed for a kid I knew to put a gun down and not hurt himself. I want that kind of impact to continue.

What would you say is your songwriting process?

Mike: Inspiration. I need to feel the song before I can truly write. That being said, I can write to anything, and my word play is top notch but for my own process, for me to put a song out I’d want the song to stand for something. For that, I love to be inspired, whether it be by pain, love or just good ol' experience.

Who are the first music artists that inspired you?

Mike: The very first one was DMX's song "Slippin'". The way that song hit me, broke me down and humbled me. I designated with the whole story. Nas is my all time favorite.. J Cole, Saul Williams after watching a movie of his in high school, Mos Def, and so many others.

What is your favorite song you've written or recorded to date?

Mike: I think right now it’s so hard to say, maybe "Big Jets" which is on the "Moral Of The Story 90" album because it reminds me of being young and sitting with my boys and talking about where we’d all be.. that encourages me to continue because not a lot of them are here now. On the other hand, "Open Wounds", which is also on the album is some painful moments in my life that I have never told anyone. It’s myself being as honest and transparent as I can on a track.

What is the next "big thing" the world can expect from you?

Mike: I am currently breaking into visuals and getting some of that going with a team that is slowly but surely forming together. I don’t really promote or do a lot of visuals, so this next step will be a challenge and that’s something I embrace because what’s life without challenge.

Where will you be performing next?

Mike: I have no shows lined up, but I do have songs that I plan on doing visuals to that I will need for live performing so maybe there.

View the Official Cover Art for Mike Black's fresh album, "Moral Of The Story 90":




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