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Moncler Moon Boy is Atlanta's next up-and-coming hyper-pop & rap artist

Moncler Moon Boy, also known as MMB, is a rapidly ascending songwriter and recording artist based in Atlanta, GA. With numerous songs to his name such as "COCAINE FREESTYLE", "To The Moon", "LIT", "Wake Me Up", and "NEW GIRL", it is clear Moncler Moon Boy is solidifying himself as the next up-and-coming artist to keep your eye on! A multi-dimensional artist, his music fuses highly-dynamic genres such as Hyper-pop and Rap. Moncler Moon Boy's passion for music really came into fruition a year ago, after he experienced an emotional breakup - and he has already come so far since then, crafting his own highly recognizable musical style, sound, and persona as an artist.

Most recently, Moncler Moon Boy is proudly announcing his first EP is in the works - in addition to an exciting new single scheduled for November of this year. Listen to his music now on all digital streaming platforms! Follow Moncler Moon Boy on his social media platforms to stay updated on news and upcoming music releases.

"Being an artist means being creative. I love being able to express all of my moods on different beats." - Moncler Moon Boy

Watch Moncler Moon Boy's music videos on YouTube:

Listen to Moncler Moon Boy's music now on Spotify:



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