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Noah Bishop creatively blends introspective lyrics with up-tempo pop

Noah Bishop is a lyricist/songwriter from Connecticut. Noah started writing in 2019, he enjoys writing lyrics for pop songs, but he has also written in other genres such as R&B and EDM, to name a few. Noah first started his songwriting career by writing "Countdown" for a London-based band named Electric Tuxedo. Noah then released a few singles, "Fall Back Into Us," "Clock Tower, " and "Heart Wants Us Back", under his own Spotify account.

Noah is now focusing on writing and co-writing songs for other up-and-coming artists from all around the world. Most recently, Noah Bishop was the main songwriter for recording artist, Gina Fritz's, newly released song, "Happy In LA". The up-tempo track is contrasted by the introspective lyrics about wanting to feel happy in moment, when life seems to be passing you by. Stream "Happy In LA" now on all digital streaming platforms!

View Noah's full Artist Interview here:


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