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Ocean's Envy announces upcoming single "Encore" set to release this August

Ocean's Envy is a rapidly ascending band hailing from Dallas, Texas - and they are quickly making a name for themselves within the music industry. This dynamic band is founded and fronted by lead-singer Kurt Mantheiy, who works in collaboration with master music producer, Jonathan Paulsen, to craft Ocean's Envy's powerful and addictive studio recordings. Influenced by notable bands such as U2, Jimmy Eat World, Mineral, and AFI, Ocean's Envy has truly honed their skills as a band and crafted their own recognizable sound, style, and stage presence, which their followers love them for.

With numerous released tracks to their name including, "Statement Piece", "For You", "Fire", "Liquid Misery", and "Longshots", Ocean's Envy's music is reaching the ears of both dedicated and new listeners from all around the globe! Most recently, to the excitement of their fanbase, Ocean's Envy has announced their upcoming music release titled, "Encore", which is scheduled to release onto all digital streaming platforms this August. Be sure to follow Ocean's Envy on their social media platforms to stay updated on their future music releases and news!

Listen to Ocean's Envy's music now on Spotify:

View the Official Cover Art for "Encore":

Watch the Official Music Video for "Statement Piece" now on YouTube:

Listen to Ocean's Envy's music now on Spotify:



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