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Or Golan announces exciting upcoming new track "Havagabond"

Known most popularly for his international hit song titled "I am Greedy", Or Golan has been proving himself to not only be an incredibly prolific songwriter and producer, but that he also has what it takes to attain and hold on to music greatness. At only 24 years-old, this talented Israeli artist has a vast repertoire of songs to his name and he has been featured in some of the world's top media publications and radio shows - undeniably impressive achievements.

Most recently, to the excitement of his fanbase, Or Golan is announcing his upcoming and highly-awaited new single titled, "Havagabond". Releasing soon onto all digital streaming platforms, "Havagabond" will truly showcase Golan's ever-evolving skills and versatility as a producer. This one-of-a-kind new song will feature lush electronic soundscapes, shining synthesizers, and a polished production you won't want to stop listening to. Follow Or Golan on his social media platforms to stay updated on his future music news and releases!

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"'Havagabond' in Yiddish is a person who walks all alone in the world because that is who he is, no one will change him, he is a vagabond in the world." - Or Golan


Hello, Or Golan! Tell me about your exciting new upcoming single titled, "Havagabond" - what is something very special about it?

Or Golan: In our previous interview I was at the height of the success of the song "I am Greedy". When there is huge success, the emotional abyss also comes, I don't need to expand on what depression and suicidal feelings are. I suffer not only from stuttering but also from internal mental problems, this is how it is with international stars.

I wanted a new beginning and the divine spark came to me again with "Havagabond". "Havagabond" in Yiddish is a person who walks all alone in the world because that is who he is, no one will change him, he is a vagabond in the world. Despite this sad message, the melody is hysterical, the exact opposite, as if there is some kind of game in the head of such voices with this indescribable EDM response, a hit comes out together.

When will "Havagabond" be officially released on all digital streaming platforms?

Or Golan: I really hope that "Havagabond" will be released in the coming days to music stores and social networks and I really want it to be more famous than "I am Greedy" had, after all I haven't released a new song in a year.

What is the inspiration behind this new track, and what does it mean to you?

Or Golan: This song "Havagabond" came to me so fast, I think it was fifteen minutes and I had a song ready. This is the huge ability and talent that God gave me, I already had thoughts that I would drastically disappear from the world. I want you to like it, not because of the comparison to the story you've already heard about me, I want you to like it because I have another chance, that I'm not an artist of one song.

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