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Pakistani producer, Aizaz, releases exciting new single "Dance With The Groove"

Aizaz is a rapidly ascending producer who is quickly making a name for himself in the music industry. Originally hailing from Pakistan, this multi-dimensional artist is now based in Los Angeles and has worked with well-known record labels such as NoFace, Top Phonic, Dbeatzion. Specializing in Classic House and Modern House music, Aizaz's talents as a producer at only 25 years-old are undoubtedly impressive. With numerous released songs to his name including, "Lose Control", "Labios", "Have Some Fun", and "Muy Guapo", it is clear that Aizaz is proving himself to not only be incredibly inventive as a producer, but that he also has what it takes to achieve musical success.

Most recently, to the excitement of his fanbase, Aizaz has released his highly-awaited new single "Dance With The Groove" with Dbeatzion Records onto all digital streaming platforms. This dynamic and high-energy track showcases some of the artist's finest work yet as a producer and exemplifies his undeniably unique sound and style, which his followers love him for. Follow Aizaz on his social media platforms to stay tuned on his future music releases and news! Listen to his music now on Spotify:

" Life gets stressful. Jam out, get lost in it, dance to it - that's a personal goal for me that's how I aspire to influence people from my music." - Aizaz


Hello, thank you very much for joining us today! First things first, when did you first discover your passion for music, Aizaz?

Aizaz: I always was fascinated by Dance Music, discovering new music from a young age was a very great time pass for me. Especially growing up listening to artists like Sasha Lopez, Akcent, and Max Vangeli. I was in lockdown during Covid in 2020, staying in my dorm room at California State University Fresno and decided to explore DJing. A few of my DJ friends, shoutout to DJ Stevie Young suggested me to explore producing, putting in the time and effort having fun with it till eventually I got discovered by Max Vangeli from NoFace Records, rest is history.

What three words would you say best describe your musical style as a whole?

Aizaz: Classic Synths, Grooves, Edgy.

What is your interpretation of being an artist? What does it mean to you?

Aizaz: It means a form of self-expression, through music, through my own sound

not influenced by what's trending but more by what part of myself I am willing

to express on a blank canvas out into the world to my fans to my listeners.

Tell me about your upcoming single titled "Dance With The Groove".. what is something very special about it?

Aizaz: "Dance With The Groove" was an interesting record to me. The thing about it is I did not plan it - I freestyled it on my DAW and came up with the record. I broke a lot of rules in this record, by mixing contemporary house with classic House synths and garage percussions I explored the limits with the record. Sent it to labels and it got picked up by Dbeatzion Records. Thank you Dbeatzion!

Who are some other notable artists that influence your sound and style the most?

Aizaz: Drums of Mark Knight, Sounds from the Toolroom Records label, and Quirkiness of Pickle.

Do you feel being a producer has always been your calling?

Aizaz: I do feel that being fascinated by sounds and music from an early age. And it is something I can do all day without being bored, enjoying all aspects of it the ups and downs. And be able to do it without any expectations because I like the art itself.

In your opinion, what would you say separates you the most from other artists in your genre?

Aizaz: I believe every artist is special on their own way. I am willing to break rules and not follow trends. Be able to let go of planning and freestyle a whole house music track.

How do you want your music to affect other people?

Aizaz: Life gets stressful. Jam out, get lost in it, dance to it - that's a personal goal for me

that's how I aspire to influence people from my music.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped you?

Aizaz: Being an introverted person at times, music helped me show a part of myself.

It helped me become a person and it made me dedicate myself to a vision. It helped me get out of that feeling of lost which a lot of people experience in their early 20s. Yes, it is still an industry where you will get mentally challenged however, always remember why you started, and be true to yourself.

What is the next “big thing” the world can expect from you?

Aizaz: My upcoming release on NoFace Records with Willest, a producer from Rhode Island,

"Fuego" coming out on all streaming platforms. It's a mixture of House, Latin House, and some bhangra sounds since bhangra being a very important aspect of my Punjab culture.

View the Official Cover Art for "Dance With The Groove":

Listen to "Dance With The Groove" on YouTube:

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