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Project21 announces brand new single "Attack The Masses"

Project21 is a dynamic collective of diverse musicians and producers hailing from Germany, Jamaica, Ireland, Spain, and Wales, who have connected with a common purpose to spread light, love, and inspiration to others through their music. Project21 was originally formed during lockdown in 2021, as a way for struggling artists to still make music and share it with the world during a dark period of time. Since then, Project21 has continued to grow as a grand collaboration of talented creatives, and they are spreading messages of positivity and togetherness through their work. Most recently, to the excitement of their fanbase, Project21 has announced the release of their highly-awaited new single titled, "Attack The Masses", which is available now on all streaming platforms.

This compelling new track, released on July 29th, shines a light on how governments around the world handled the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years, and explores the negative effects their actions had on various communities. The adjoining music video for "Attack The Masses" is also available now on YouTube! Featured artists for "Attack The Masses" include Project21's patriarch Y'urs, Jah Ghatti, and Marlon B. In addition, non-featured producer/performers for Project21 include Mike Lindauer and Nick Brine. Follow Project21 on their social media platforms to stay tuned on their future music releases and news! Listen to "Attack The Masses" now on Spotify:

"Our music and projects aim to help struggling musicians who have something to say, a strong message and believe in their music and want to make a difference."


Hello, Y’urs and Nick Brine! Thank you very much for joining us today. First things first, could you tell me what is the meaning behind the name “Project21”?

Hi there. Project21 was born out of a project we put together in 2021 during lockdown to help musicians impacted by the lockdowns to make and release music. We provided songs, recording studios, financial support, production and mixing services and guidance to help make a difference and give an outlet to the participating musicians. The project currently consists of four songs created completely remotely by artists in Jamaica, Germany, Spain, Wales and Ireland.

What three words would you say best describe Project21’s musical style as a whole?

Diverse, creative, and provocative.

Project21 is a collective of artists from around the world, could you tell me a little about how all of you originally connected?

Y'urs: I have known Nick Brine for about 10 years and we've worked on several music projects together at Rockfield Studios and Leeders Vale in Wales, in Germany and Ireland. We've been writing ideas together during that time and he has produced and mixed several tracks for me. Mike Lindauer is an amazing producer and writer that I have worked with in Germany for a long time. I've been spending time in Jamaica and loved the culture and music there. Here I met lots of great musicians, some of whom now feature on a number the tracks. We have more tracks in production featuring artists we've either discovered on the journey or have contacted us asking to be involved. Other musicians appearing on the tracks are mutual friends of either myself, Nick or Mike.

Tell me about your new single titled, “Attack The Masses”.. what is the primary message behind it?

"Attack The Masses" focuses on what governments across the world did in the last two and a half years to the human race. With Covid they were able to enforce Martial Law, lock everyone in their homes and force hurried, barely tested vaccinations onto us. Our complicity demonstrated just how far they could push us around without any push back. But online, you could see that a lot of people weren’t happy with this, and it made me wonder what it would take for us to snap. On the one hand it could predictably result in global riots, looting and chaos - but on the other I wondered how many people would just say ‘enough is enough’ and leave the cities to head for the forests or the coast in search of a less complicated, controlled society. That is what the video is trying to portray, a woman heading for the sea, dancing on the beach and connecting with family and friends.

How do you want your music to help or affect other people?

Our music and projects aim to help struggling musicians who have something to say, a strong message and believe in their music and want to make a difference. We want to setup a foundation, maybe in Jamaica and workshops to help find and develop talent and help fund it to bring it to the masses. We've already helped dozens of artists with artist grants and hopefully this has made a difference to them and made them feel positive that someone is listening and willing to help. Hopefully the music created makes people stop and think and question things. But also bring light and togetherness.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped all of you?

Music has been our lives. It's got us through tough times, brought us altogether as musicians and friends and made us many friends around the world. Music has given us all so many amazing experiences.

I’d love to learn more about your collaborative songwriting process together - what does that look like for Project21?

Nick: I came up with some original ideas in Wales. Then Y'urs developed these ideas and took them to Mike in Germany. Then Jah Ghatti, Marlon B, and Syri worked on vocal arrangements in Jamaica. So we were never in the same room together. Everyone had complete control over their own input and Mike pulled it altogether. The new material is being written in a similar way.

What is Project21’s primary mission or goal as a collaborative music group?

Our mission is to project our message, bring musicians together and unearth some amazing new talent and help bring it to the people. We want it to be about the music and the message. Not about the image, or music lacking depth, or how much your video cost. Just raw talent, being given an opportunity.

Is there any potential that your group may someday perform a live show in the future?

Yes. We are already working on plans for some live shows. They will happen later in the year and next year we will look at doing festivals.

What is the next “big thing” the world can expect from Project21?

Well, the new single "Attack The Masses" is now out! So that will be our focus for now. But we have been working hard writing new material and will be recording that soon. They feature some amazing artists and musicians. We have been assembling a great team and are in talks with some amazing people about distribution and publishing. Project21 will develop in to a record label. So exciting things ahead and a lot going on.

View the Official Cover Art for "Attack The Masses":

Watch the Official Music Video for "Attack The Masses" now on YouTube:

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