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Quota's music expertly blends together intricate storytelling and creativity

Quota started his rap career with his 3 mixtapes “Blue”, “Love”, and “Listen With Headphone”. They were released for people to listen on SoundCloud. Quota is a young rapper from California learning what he wants to become. He’s intricate with his story telling and deep when it comes to lyrics. Quota has a variety of sounds and has more in the works.

Quota is the artist who attempts new concepts and new sounds with every song. In 2020, he attempted to make three mixtapes in only 20 days and succeeded - an effort shown by few. He is set to release another project towards the end of 2020 or early 2021. Quota is also working with other artist and enjoys creating projects. Everything is art to him and in the middle 2018, he had the idea for his first album titled, "Triple Six". All of Quota's projects talk on subjects ideal to the past and the future. The story told with every mixtape and album connects all of them together.

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