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Recording artist, Jailyn Diaz, announces debut single "All or Nothing"

Jailyn Diaz is a rapidly ascending singer, songwriter, and recording artist who is quickly making a name for herself in the music industry. With a passion for music from a young age, Jailyn Diaz is not only incredibly versatile as an artist, but she has an undeniably unique voice and vocal style for which her followers love her for. A signed artist to Streetburnerz Productions, Jailyn is reaching for the stars and has recently released her highly-awaited debut single, "All or Nothing", onto all digital streaming platforms.

"All or Nothing" is an addictive track within the R&B genre, and showcases Jailyn Diaz's polished vocal abilities perfectly. In just a short amount of time since the song's release, "All or Nothing" has already received an immensely positive reception and thousands of streams on Spotify alone from both dedicated and new listeners worldwide! Follow Jaily Diaz on her social media platforms to stay tuned on her future music releases and news.

Listen to Jailyn Diaz's debut single "All or Nothing" now on Spotify:

"I feel being an artist means being your most authentic self through your craft and also being able to connect with people while doing what you love." - Jailyn Diaz


Hello, Jailyn! Thank you very much for joining us today. First things first, could you tell me how you discovered your passion for music?

Jailyn: I discovered my passion for music when I was really young. Probably at about 5 or 6 years old I can remember watching The Cheetah Girls movie and my cousin and I would stand on our back porch and try to reenact their performances but most of all I really just loved singing the songs. Growing up in a Latino household my entire family loved music. My father's side of the family has lots of musician and singers, so I used to love going to family parties just to watch every one singing and playing instruments together. I also used to sing Elvis songs with my grandpa while he played the guitar and without knowing it I was also growing a love for music before my time. Those are memories I’ll cherish forever. As time passed, I slowly broke out of my shell and began joining talents shows, making singing videos, and using music to express myself in general.

What is your interpretation of being an artist? What does it mean to you?

Jailyn: I feel being an artist means being your most authentic self through your craft and also being able to connect with people while doing what you love. Being an artist means everything to me because this is how I express myself in the best way. Whether I’m happy or sad I can think of a song that resonates with how I’m feeling and as an artist I want to be able to give people something they can connect with as well.

Tell me a little about your recent debut single titled, “All or Nothing”.. what is something very special about it?

Jailyn: My single “All or Nothing” means so much to me. When I joined the StreetBurnerz family I was going through so much in personal life and was really starting to doubt myself. It took me a while to really get the courage up to put the work into the song I needed to so that we could finally release it. I had a lot of self doubt within myself and I wondered if people would like my voice so I sat on the song for a really long time and didn’t do anything with it. I had a turning point where I realized the only thing holding me back was myself so I decided to stop playing and take the steps I needed to so we could finally finish that project. When we did I was in love with the outcome and actually got emotional when I heard the final version because I realized what I was capable of so much more than I was giving myself credit for. I really am thankful for the opportunity I was given it’s been life changing.

View the Official Cover Art for "All or Nothing":

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