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Singer-songwriter, Savannah Rae, is an ascending star in the country music scene

Savannah Rae is rapidly ascending country music singer-songwriter from Texas. She started off her already impressive music career as a back-up singer for pop powerhouse Demi Lovato, but eventually turned to pursue her own solo career path in the country music scene. In a short amount of time, Savannah Rae has already performed over 250 shows since 2019, released an iconic single she wrote with Pam Tilis, and has even opened for country music stars such as Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, and many more. Adding to her musical toolbelt, she also sings in both Spanish and English, which is truly rare in country music.

Aside from her numerous musical pursuits, she has also went on to become a brand ambassador for Miranda Lambert's clothing line (Idylwind), Chuck Norris's water (GFORCE), Boot Barn, and more.

On February 19th, Savannah Rae will be releasing her newest song "My Heartache Today" - be sure to follow her on Spotify for more updates regarding this fresh and highly anticipated release!

View the official music video for Savannah Rae's song, "Typical Texas Girl" on YouTube here:

Listen to Savannah Rae's music now on Spotify:



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