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"Sinner Like Me" is an addictively dark new single your moody heart is going to love

Released Friday, June 3rd, “Sinner Like Me” is the first music release collaboratively written and recorded by alt-pop music artist, Rhea Deléo, in tandem with progressive rock/metal guitarist, Jeremy DiBenedetto. This captivatingly dark new single explores the concept of falling from grace - almost as if telling a haunting story of one fallen angel speaking to another. Deléo combines her introspective lyric-crafting prowess and soaring vocals with DiBenedetto’s instantly compelling guitar rhythms and pendulous dynamics. Featuring only vocals and guitar in the production, the fusion of this duo’s contrasting musical styles and skill sets has resulted in a powerhouse acoustic track that you’ll want to keep singing your moody heart out to again and again.

Listen to "Sinner Like Me" now on Spotify:

"The collaborative process was seamless, and the inspiration and ideas came about naturally. " - Jeremy DiBenedetto

When asked about the lyric-writing process of the song, Rhea Deléo states:

“Jeremy and I have known each other for quite a while, and we actually first started writing this song several years ago - but we never finished it or imagined we’d make it a “released” song. A couple of months ago though, he sent me an instrumental he made of the full song. Obviously surprised to hear it again, I listened - and was instantly inspired to complete the lyrics! The tone and rhythm of his guitar playing alone seemed to embody the message of what the song should be about and sound like - all I had to do was just chisel the words out and sing!”.

The songwriting of “Sinner Like Me” was a bit of a departure for both Rhea and Jeremy’s musical backgrounds. DiBenedetto says:

“It was a lot of fun branching out from my usual play style and working with Rhea on this sort of moody acoustic ballad. Rhea’s lyrics and melodies perfectly encapsulate the vision of the song. The collaborative process was seamless, and the inspiration and ideas came about naturally. She has this ability to know what a song needs to be about and execute all those parts perfectly. It was a pleasure getting to collab and make this thing come to life.”

In addition to the release of “Sinner Like Me” onto all digital streaming platforms, they have also released it’s accompanying official lyric video which is available now on YouTube. Follow Rhea Deléo and DiBenedetto on their social media platforms to stay tuned on future music releases and upcoming news!

Watch the Official Lyric Video for "Sinner Like Me" now on YouTube:

Listen to "Sinner Like Me" now on Spotify:



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