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Steph Divine poetically weaves her storytelling into heartfelt, acoustic pop

Currently based out of Connecticut with roots in Massachusetts, Steph Devine is a rapidly emerging artist in the Indie and acoustic Pop genres. Wielding journals full of unnamed songs and poems, she is embarking this year on a journey to bring her songs to life and the world.

A self-taught singer-songwriter, Steph Devine grew up writing and listening to all types of music. From a young age, music has been one of the most important forms of creative expression in her life. In fact, while growing up, there was always some type of music playing in her home. Dad listened to jazz and blues, while Mom followed artists like Jackson Brown and The Eagles. She acknowledges “Baby Don’t Go” by Sonny and Cher as an important piece in her motivation to get involved with music.

It wasn’t long until Devine fell in love with story-telling that came with writing songs. By the age of sixteen, she had taught herself guitar and had written many songs about her life, love, and everything in between. Attending many live concerts she studied the art of performance while learning to play other instruments including the ukulele, banjo, and others. She has referenced various major influences including The Chicks, Brandi Carlile, Cher, Kacey Musgraves, Train, Taylor Swift and Dolly Parton.

Devine has recently had the opportunity to merge her love for animal welfare with her music career. She wrote a song for No Dogs Left Behind titled "Better Man" which they ended up using as a soundtrack. No Dogs Left Behind is an organization that rescues our furry friends from the illegal meat trade and slaughter in China. Steph Devine is planning on releasing a collection of singles this year which she is producing with Boston-based Label Lit Honey Productions.

Her latest single "You & Me" perfectly showcases Devine's smooth vocal range and heartfelt song-writing abilities. This sparkling new track features intimate, stripped-back instrumentals which allow her sparkling voice to shine forward in the mix. The lyrics reminisce on a past romantic relationship, in which Devine poetically tells her side of the story:

"Remember all those nights

You told me everything

I laughed along with you like

I didn't know a thing

You're such a liar though

I've known it all along

But I pretended that

I'd never heard your song

You & Me"

Listen to "You & Me" now on Spotify:



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