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Stuntman Ron announces his newest and highly anticipated single, "Paranoid"

Stuntman Ron is a talented and diverse music artist born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. His dynamic and boundary-pushing music is inspired by notable Hip-hop and Rap sensations such as Lil Wayne and Eminem - but Stuntman Ron is rapidly making a name for himself as one of today's most unique artists.

He has numerous tracks released on all digital streaming platforms, and is not slowing down. Stuntman Ron's newest and highly anticipated single titled, "Paranoid", is overflowing with raw energy and is the first of many tracks from his upcoming mixtape, "Dummy Flow".

Listen to "Paranoid" by Stuntman Ron now - available on all platforms!

Watch Stuntman Ron's videos on YouTube here:

Listen to Stuntman Ron's music now on Spotify:



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