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Wito Rodriguez releases "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine"

Wito Rodriguez is an experienced bi-lingual singer, songwriter, recording artist, and U.S Army veteran who has truly solidified his place within the music industry over the years. Rodriguez grew up playing the guitar, but after a moving to Puerto Rico, the artist truly began to hone his craft and skillset as a musician by experiencing Latin rhythms. In 1973, Wito Rodriguez joined the US Army and was deployed to Germany, where he continued his master his musical abilities through singing lessons, and performing in his own bands. After returning back to the United States, he also started up Wito Rodriguez Salsa Jazz Orchestra under the guidance and musical direction of trumpet player and arranger, Jacinto Gino Picart.

Wito Rodriguez has managed to achieve a great deal over his lifetime thus far, and over the past couple of years, he has been concentrating on music again and releasing even more dynamic and lovable songs! Adding to his already extensive list of achievements and musical repertoire, Rodriguez has numerous singles and albums released including "Soy Caribe", "Como el Viento", "Reload-Recargando", and "Ya Me Prepare", to name a few. His versatile and soulful style of music has touched the hearts of dedicated and new listeners from all around the world, solidifying Wito Rodriguez as a true inspiration to all budding musicians and music-lovers alike, and his colorful music is a testament to never give up on your dreams.

Most recently, Wito Rodriguez has released a cover of Lou Rawls's hit song titled, "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" onto all digital streaming platforms. Rodriguez has magically re-worked this iconic oldie into a masterpiece of his very own - featuring lively horn sections, playful background vocals, and energetic Latin rhythms that you absolutely won't be able to stop moving to! Wito Rodriguez's voice is truly the centerpiece of this dynamic tune though, by how he artistically weaves his soulful vocals smoothly within the call-and-response melodies of the instrumentals.

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