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World-famous French artist, Freddy Zucchet, announces melodic new single "Electro Moon"

Xing Records Music Label is proud to announce that it just signed the world-famous French musician Freddy Zucchet for his track Electro Moon.

With Freddy Zucchet, Xing Records is back to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and aims for the moon. From private parties to the largest festivals, we can easily imagine participants moving and jumping to the rhythms of this electrified moon with a magnetic attraction...

The melodic gimmick "rocks". It contrasts with the surge of layers which evoke wide open spaces, the imminent takeoffs of the drops, breaks, and other extraterrestrial choruses! Carried by a beautiful melodic finding, the layers in weightlessness and the joyful rhythms, Electro Moon is a wonderful vector for an advertising video and will beautifully integrate the playlist of a video game, a TV show, or a movie.

Listen to "Electro Moon" now on Spotify!


Freddy Zucchet is a French songwriter, singer and producer. Attracted by anything related to sound, he created his first musical montages by the age of 12. Later, he signed with Auvidis/Naïve and then with Editions Lugdivine for records dedicated to the young audience. One of his Lugdivine records received the national award "Les Bravos" and was selected for the "francophonie express" in Montreal. The video clip of the international company Timpany Languages, featuring Freddy Zucchet's music, received the Canadian PABA award. The Dutch label Xing Records signed Electro Moon and To dance with You, two electro dance tracks composed by Freddy.

Freddy wrote and created the concept of "Welcome to Brighter Days", with the collaboration of the prestigious producer Mickaël Vail Blum who worked with Madonna, Joan Baez, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd. This song already gathers 37 artists from 5 continents and has been adapted in 5 languages in India, Brazil, Indonesia, China (in progress) and France. Programmed on a Brazilian television channel, the song is currently being broadcast in more than a hundred countries including radio stations in England, the USA and Russia, among others. In South Africa, the song entered the Apple charts and reached fourth place!

Freddy Zucchet created the Universe Club, an evolving group of artists who participate in recordings and shows.

On the artistic side, Freddy works in three main directions:

- Productions for young people

- International productions: federative event creations, road rock

- Electro productions: indie electro, electro dance, etc...

In parallel to the recordings with the Universe Club, Freddy staged shows in France, Switzerland, Croatia, Laos, Canada and the USA, gathering up to 12,500 spectators for special events.




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