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Sam Lemos has been a working saxophonist for nearly a decade in shows on and off the Las Vegas strip, but his passion lies in creating original music as a singer-songwriter. For the last three years, Lemos has been crafting his debut album, Glimmergum.


His album is a sonically vast yet tightly woven expression of paranoia, awe, confusion, and revelation in an age of accelerating technological advancement. Lemos has been writing, recording, producing, and performing with bands of many genres for years and has applied these experiences to the crafting of his self-assured debut solo LP. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Lemos played almost all of the instruments on Glimmergum. He also wrote, mixed, and produced the album.


Lemos has performed all over the world with artists such as Boyz II Men, Matt Goss, Michael Grimm, Erich Bergen, Zowie Bowie, and many more. He also performs as a singer, guitarist, and keyboardist in several Las Vegas band and shows.

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"My favorite works of art are the ones that can be returned to over and over again to find new meaning and relevance."

S: I began playing the saxophone around the age of 11, and I think I realized that music would play a major role in my life when I began listening to John Coltrane. My parents bought me "Crescent" for Christmas when I was 12 years old, and I must have listened to that album every day for the next year. My discovery of Radiohead around the age of 16 sealed the deal.

S: My latest album, "Glimmergum", is about finding oneself 20 years into a new century observing the unfurling consequences of its technologies, the unprecedented speed of their advancement in particular. The good and the very, very bad.

S: Music has given me purpose beyond procreation. It is the mirror through which I understand and digest my life.

S: My favorite works of art are the ones that can be returned to over and over again to find new meaning and relevance. I try to pack my music as densely as I can with sonic subtleties and lyrical puzzles. I can't speak to my success regarding these aims, but I certainly do my best with every new undertaking.

S: The Beatles, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and James Taylor were huge during my early childhood. That was not by choice, their music was just around. Then came an obsession with jazz: John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Brad Mehldau. My late teenage obsessions were primarily British artists, Radiohead, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Nick Drake, Joy Division, etc. Now, I love James Blake, Monica Martin, and The 1975. I also think Doja Cat kind of rules.

What is your songwriting process?

S: I typically start with the music, chords, and melody on either piano or guitar, record an idea on my phone, and then live with it until the lyrics start to suggest themselves. I've always wanted to be a words-first kind of writer, but it usually doesn't work out for me that way.

what would you say is your favorite song that you've written or recorded to date?

S: Probably a song called "Waxen". I think it does a good job of capturing me as I am; struggling with insecurities and letting go of my hang-ups while trying to maintain a level of sincerity as an artist.

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