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shn shn (she/her) is a queer Black electronic producer, singer-songwriter and creator based in Toronto, Canada. Her music is an ever-changing experience, bending genres as she brings experimental elements from electronic, ambient, world music, folk, and pop into her practice. Her work allows exploration, contemplation, reckoning with duality, and the spaces in between. shn shn’s upcoming EP "e.strange.d," follows her debut 2020 self-produced and released EP "structura".


"e.strange.d." is about being untethered, and the full gamut of emotions that encompasses (the strangeness, liberation and the fear of the unknown). This album atmospherically blends otherworldly electronic soundscapes, layered guitar riffs, pulsing percussion, spoken word poetry and stacked harmonies from her lush folksy voice. It features singles "maladaptive daydreams”, “taking time” and “divine”.


Listen to her recently released single "divine" on Spotify now.


"I want it to be music to move to, that feels meditative, introspective, freeing and joyful."

S: I was always writing songs and singing from a young age. I was super shy about my music but I always enjoyed creating. I really discovered my joy for writing songs, creating production and art when I was in high school. When I got my first laptop, I started learning how to use GarageBand to make rudimentary beats, Then I would layer my vocals and guitar over the beats using the microphone built into my laptop. I would also make accompanying stop motion videos to go with the songs, and post them on YouTube.

S: On September 29th, I released my third single, “divine”, off of my upcoming ep "e.strange.d". This is an ambient-soul song with many layered harmonies, swelling pads, featuring spoken word poetry. This song focuses on recognizing the divinity we have in ourselves just as we are able to see it in others. It is an empowering song that speaks of love, strength, and resilience.

S: This project especially has allowed me to reconnect with, play, and experiment with what first made me want to become an artist when I was young. The meaning of the project has revealed itself to me overtime without much force, and it has allowed me to deepen my practice as a music creator.

S: I want it to be music to move to, that feels meditative, introspective, freeing and joyful.

S: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Julianna Barwick, Kelsey Lu, FKA Twigs, Sevdaliza.

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