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Ascending artist, Adrxnn, announces addictive upcoming EP releasing next month

Adrxnn is an experienced songwriter, producer, recording artist hailing from San Antonio, Texas. Influenced by notable artists such as Blackbear and Keshi, Adrxnn has creatively honed his very own unique sound, style, and stage presence over the past 15 years that he has been pursuing music. Although a seasoned rock/metal musician and performer, Adrxnn's musical style now creatively explores genres such as Alternative, R&B, and Alt Pop - and his instrumentals and lyrics are absolutely imbued with his depth of soul and dynamic energy. With numerous released songs to his name including, "Not Enough", "sufriendo", "moonlight", "nothing to hold", and "if i die.", it is clear Adrxnn is rapidly solidifying his place within the music industry.

In addition to actively producing his own music, Adrxnn is the founder of a start-up record label called "Deathcvlt Records". He collaborates with several other talented artists (who are also his closest friends), and produces instrumentals, beats, and guitar melodies for their music releases as well. Adrxnn states, "We all push each other everyday to work harder and allow ourselves to be vulnerable in our writing regardless of any negativity that may surround voicing our true inner thoughts and emotions without concern for others.".

To the excitement of his fanbase, Adrxnn is announcing has his next upcoming, and highly-awaited, new 6-track EP titled which is scheduled for release August 5th, 2022. This collection of addictive new songs will feature some of the artist's best songwriting yet, and it's sure to rock your worlds. Follow Adrxnn on his social media platforms to stay tuned on future music releases and upcoming news.

Listen to Adrxnn's music now on Spotify:

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Listen to Adrxnn's music now on Spotify:




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