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Anastasia Silver is a multi-dimensional creator and influencer inspiring followers around the world

Anastasia Silver, also known as Stasiavuu, is a creator, influencer, and singer hailing from Oregon. From a young age, she has had a passion for both dancing and singing, and she has performed in county and state fairs since the age of fourteen. Along her musical journey, she began to start writing her own original songs and released several impressive singles onto digital streaming platforms. Her most recent single, "Up In Smoke", has amassed over 40,000 streams and counting on Spotify alone, which has garnered her wide-spread attention, and inspired new dedicated followers from around the world.

While pursuing her music career, Anastasia received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Oregon, and after college she began to receive offers from major companies across the country to participate in paid partnerships. Before she knew it, she had become a budding influencer and social media creator. Anastasia is not slowing down either, as she has obtained a role in the television show, "Sangre Negra", which airs on Amazon Prime.

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Listen to Anastasia Silver's single "Up In Smoke" on YouTube here:

Listen to Anastasia Silver's music now on Spotify:




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