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Ascending artist, Sean Saint Velvet, is creating life-changing music

Sean Saint Velvet started his musical journey in 2016 when he was gifted with a guitar during his time as a Marine by the wounded warrior project. Subsequently, this provided him with the perfect opportunity to start learning to play guitar and cope through his struggles of PTSD with the help of music. With the power of molding the rhythm and vocals according to your preferences and styles, this cruise of Sean's aim to cope with PTSD became a life-changing decision. Now his guitar is more than just an instrument; it's a bond that keeps the artist focused and grounded through his life.

Since then, Sean Saint Velvet was wholeheartedly intrigued by music that sparked his dive into exploring and broadening his horizons of jamming and producing his original tracks of striking singles. As a multi-talented artist, his catalog of brilliant flair does not end his curiosity at this point. Sean's quality feature embarks his ability to change his style according to his evocative feelings. As a soloist, he is the only leader of his thrilling expedition.

According to, they describe Sean's music as:

"In a world where many artists tend to make music with machines, the eight-track project unveils a pure musical gift between folk and pop melodies."

Listen to Sean Saint Velvet's music now on Spotify:

View Sean's music videos on YouTube:


03/12/22 - Route 66 Roadhouse Bar & Grill at 7:00 PM




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