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Ascending artist, Teaboi, tells addictively introspective stories through his music

Teaboi is an ascending Filipino-Canadian producer who is rapidly making a name for himself in the music industry. Known for producing compelling and introspective songs within the LoFi genre, Teaboi has impressively garnered tens of thousands of streams from both dedicated and new listeners from all around the world. With numerous released tracks to his name including, "he dreamt for love // unattainable", "how do i know?", "his reservation (room 2)", "a spiral downwards (room 4)", and "homey house (room 5)" - Teaboi is proving himself to not only be incredibly prolific and versatile as a music artist, but that he also has what it takes to attain musical success.

Teaboi's most recent music release titled, "dichotomy of emotions" is a 3-track single that creatively explores the multi-dimensional kaleidoscope of human emotions, memories, and stories. Since its release onto all digital streaming platforms, this collection of soul-searching and resonating songs has recieved an overall postive reception and showcases some of the artist's best work and ever-evolving skills as a producer. To the excitement of his fanbase, Teaboi has plans to release an new single - with details coming in mid-September. Follow Teaboi on his social media platforms to stay updated on his future music news and releases!

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